Local Marketing Advertising Start Up Acquires Panama based Direct Affiliate

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Local Marketing and Advertising Start-up Acquires Panama-Based Direct Affiliate

A small step translates into a huge leap in the affiliate network industry for this budding Singapore-based company

Singapore, 15 November 2017 – B E N E F I T, a local affiliate network start-up in the marketing and advertising industry, recently revealed their successful takeover of Direct Affiliate, an Affiliate Network based overseas in Panama.

Operating primarily as an Affiliate Network, B E N E F I T is essentially a place for publishers, website owners and digital marketers to effectively monetize their traffic. The acquired Direct Affiliate is expected to serve as their new platform to support their business. The launch date of this platform is targeted to be in the final quarter of 2017.

With this acquisition, B E N E F I T will move one big step closer to their aim – revamping the Affiliate Marketing stigma in Asia. Though spiked with challenges, the company believes that this bold but calculated move will mark them as one of the pioneers in tearing down and rebuilding the common perceptions this country, and the rest of Asia, has of this business model.

The decision to takeover was made after careful evaluation and detailed planning to ensure that it is in line with their strategic goals. An experienced and robust business with capable workers,
B E N E F I T has both the key expertise and reputation beneficial to their venture.

The acquisition is also expected to boost B E N E F I T’s operations by 17% and contribute to an increase of 25% in growth and profitability.

Speaking on its initiative, B E N E F I T CEO Eugene Chua explained, “Acquiring the business is just the first step. We intend to sweep across Asia, starting from Singapore, smash the traditional mind-set of Affiliate Network Marketing people have over here, and transform it.”

He continued, “The need for this stems from the fact that this business method is extremely lucrative, with our counterparts in America and other parts of the world making good profits. However, because of the lack of businesses doing this here, and the misconceptions people have, we find the motivation to do it ourselves first, and be a first-mover.”

About B E N E F I T Pte. Ltd.
B E N E F I T is a marketing and advertising agency currently based in Singapore. First founded in 2016, the company has handled numerous client accounts and provided tailored solutions to drive results. Their services include performance marketing, lead generation and integrated marketing. Visit www.benefit.sg for more information.

For media enquiries, please contact Eugene Chua at Eugene.Chua@benefit.sg.

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