Product reviews have a strong influence on consumer purchasing decisions. In fact, 88% of consumers believe an online review the same way as a personal recommendation by friends or family.

They can even contribute to an 18% increase in sales. However, you need to get your reviews written right. Whether you write about cosmetic, food, fashion or travel products for example, they need to be effective.

Here’s how to write a killer review!

1. Be True to Your Customers

The best way is to use the product yourself, as we’ve mentioned here <article link>. That goes a long way in making your reviews sound authentic and real.

Find out the pros and cons of the product, and give as much insight to the audience as possible. You can even use images and videos of the product to add to your content, making it more reliable and believable.

Next, be honest. If the product doesn’t sell to you, avoid reviewing it. Reviewing a bad product and portraying it as a fantastic choice will only cause your audience to lose their trust in you if they find it otherwise.

2. Know Your Audience

Customise your product reviews to your target audience. Ask yourself why people like you would and wouldn’t want to get the product. Figure out your pain points and check whether the product solves your problems.

Don’t cover all the features, as unique as they may be. Only highlight those relevant to your target audience, those that are the deciding factors for them to click “buy”.

That’s how you write attractive and honest product reviews that actually appeal to them.

3. Tone it Right

As an affiliate marketer, you’re like a salesperson, but people naturally back down when they meet one. Don’t sound too aggressive or overly promotional. Adopting a professional tone is good, but that’s not all.

Use a writing tone that people are familiar with, and make it as natural and as friendly as possible.

If you’re worried, stick to a neutral tone. Don’t use flowery language or complex jargons that make you look artificial.

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