Did you know that display ads only gain around one click every 1000 impressions? While most people turn a blind eye to banner ads, one way affiliate tries to overcome this is by creating less invasive and highly relevant ads. While doing this might work, they are still not entirely effective in overcoming the problem of “banner blindness”.

What is banner blindness?

Banner blindness is caused by a visitor to a website knowing where an advert is likely to be and having previous bad experiences with these adverts. As they know it is an advert, they ignore it or avoid looking at these areas. Visitors learn quickly where to look and focus their attention on the information that is critical to them. So how do we overcome banner blindness ? One solution is to use Native Advertising. 

What are Native Advertising?

Native advertising is one of the best ways to make full use of online advertising’s potential and it has been gaining momentum over the years.  Native Ads are slightly different than other forms of affiliate marketing. They are significantly less disruptive than traditional web ads because they blend into your content instead. While most ads appear as a banner or box on the top or side of a website, native ads appear in the content itself. The idea here is that ads that do not obviously look like ads, will in turn perform better.

Why should you use Native Advertisements ?

One way to gain the best advertising visibility begins with updating your campaigns to reflect industry trends and native advertising is the future of performance marketing. Visitors normally pay 53% more attention to native advertisements than banner advertisements. It helps publishers avoid the problems of banner blindness. 86% of visitors favor native ads because they match the tone and context of the site they appear on.

What kind of ads are the most effective?

  • Entertaining ads; 

Entertaining ads are more engaging. Ads that are entertaining or tell a story pick up more engagement and give readers and visitors a positive impression. 

  • Context and quality;

The most successful native ads are the ones that match their content. Content that is unexpected but relevant increases the visibility of a campaign because it becomes seamless with the page. 

  • Health Offers; 

Products that can improve a user’s health or physical appearance do great on native. This is because they can trigger an emotional response. In addition, Healthcare has been in our top 3 product categories every month lately being one of our hottest niches! It converts amazingly in Europe, particularly tier 2 GEOs. If you work in the Nutra vertical, this is definitely a niche that works great with native ads. Furthermore, we have a range of popular products, so if you want to get in on this opportunity, register with us and start running these offers with us today!

Native ads can be effective when used correctly but the key is that you have to create and promote them the right way. Seamless content goes above and beyond what readers are used to and means they’re more likely to interact with it. Taking steps to make ads more relatable, entertaining and contextually relevant improves click-through rate and campaign performance. Here at Direct Affiliate, we run a wide range of native ads for our products. If you’re not sure on how to start, don’t worry! Just speak to our affiliate managers and they will be more than happy to help you get started. We’ve got affiliate managers and support teams who know exactly what you need. We will provide you with information on what works and what doesn’t, as well as a load of strategic tips about how to improve the ROI of your native campaigns. So register with us and get in touch today!

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