Due to the current COVID-19 situation going on, many people are losing their jobs and there is a lot of uncertainty for what the future holds. However, let us explain to you why now is actually a good time to be an affiliate. If you’re already an affiliate, you’re at the right place too. We will delve in more details on how you can scale up on your affiliate marketing efforts and expand into more verticals.

This is the optimum time to embrace digital technology. According to eMarketer, it predicts a growth in global ecommerce. Hence it is important for publishers right now to push harder to monetize their customer data and marketing content. With more people staying home and with the increasing restrictions regarding outdoor activities, more and more people are choosing to stay at home or may even be under quarantine. This has resulted in an increase in online shopping. Items are delivered straight to their doorstep without the need to head outdoors.

Some online offers that will do exceptionally well during this time would be Gaming and Apps niches. The video gaming industry is a flourishing one. Apart from working from home, many people are going to resort to playing games to pass time and connect with people online since they are unable to do so face to face currently. Another way publishers can up their affiliate marketing efforts in the gaming industry is by promoting Apps. The mobile application stores of Apple and Android are flooded with applications. There is a continuous growth in apps in the apps store, meaning an increase in business opportunities to explore!

If those niches does not suite your target audience, here are alternative verticals and offers that you can start promoting directly with Direct Affiliate.

1. Health and Beauty

2. Slimming

3. E-commerce

With more gyms around the world being closed, why not start promoting in the slimming vertical? There is also an increase of people working from home. This means, they are able to dedicate more time on their health and beauty regimen so, yes you got that right; start promoting offers in the Health and Beauty category! And guess what ? Slimming, Health and Beauty were our TOP CONVERTING PRODUCT CATEGORY in the month of February. So, the results are proven!

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