When running an affiliate business, there is nothing more important than your network. Finding the right advertisers and publishers is crucial to your success as an affiliate network or just as an affiliate.

Where is the best place to speak face to face and learn more about the offers from networks and the traffic from affiliates than at Affiliate Marketing Conferences! Networking is an important part of running an affiliate business and conferences might just be the best way to build that network. Let us look at why shows, including affiliate events, are very important to your business.

1. Builds your network

Networking is done best organically. At affiliate conferences you get to make new connections and get ahead of the competition. During these conferences, there will be networking time where all attendees get the opportunity to make contacts with other professionals in their same niche.

You get to make new friends with other affiliates and knowing how they work will help you in getting ahead in the industry. Other affiliates, especially those in the same niche as you are an excellent source of information for learning how to implement new techniques into your campaigns and getting advise on what works and what does not.

2. Get some visibility

Staying competitive as an affiliate is crucial. As affiliate marketing gets more awareness, the number of affiliates are growing as well. By attending these conferences, you get the opportunity to get your name and brand out there to create visibility and reach. Shake hands with affiliate managers and talk one-on-one with them, and that will give you the chance to introduce yourself, your niche and your traffic.

3. Learn from the best.

When attending affiliate conferences, it is not all about networking with other affiliates and other affiliate networks. There is also an incorporation of education and learning from the best. At many affiliate conferences, there will be over 3000+ attendees, mostly super-affiliates and advertisers from 80+ countries. Conference speakers are TOP experts who have been in the industry for many years, sharing their experience and providing tips and tricks to best be an affiliate. You will discover the latest trends in your sector and be able to benefit from a great deal of know-how and insider information about the latest developments in  your niche. At affiliate conferences you will be surprised with the level of receptiveness to share knowledge.

You get to benefit from the industry knowledge from a number of affiliates and networks sharing their insights. From gathering intel on the latest trend to improving your content, there is no limit to the number of lessons you can learn from the vast array of speeches and discussion that will take place at these conferences.

So don’t put off attending affiliate conferences as there are many unique opportunities to be found at these events that you might not find anywhere else. Direct Affiliate is very active in attending affiliate events during the year, from Europe to Asia, we will be there ! We have met so many of our current affiliates at these events but even better, we have made connections with many new affiliates wanting to join our network and run our exclusive offers.

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