So you have a website and an audience. You`ve heard all about Affiliate Marketing to make money through your site. But deciding which affiliate marketing niche to select and get into is a big decision. How exactly do you decide on which vertical is the right one for you?

What exactly is a vertical? Verticals are referred to the broad area that you work in and the type of offers presented. Examples of verticals would be: Beauty, Health, Education, Diet and Weightloss and Nutra which is one of the largest verticals. Under Nutra, there are health supplements, diet, vitamins, skincare products etc. Another large Vertical is Adult which consists of muscle, penis pills and so on.

So how do you choose a vertical to start promoting in and then which sub category is best for you and your website? Well to choose wisely, a few things should be taken into consideration.

There are 4 factors to depend on when choosing a vertical:

1. Personal Interest (What do you know about and what you are passionate about?)

Firstly, you want to ask yourself these two questions;

What are you knowledgeable about?

What are you passionate about?

If you already have a lot of information and experience in a specific area or industry, then that is what is going to give you an upper hand. Understanding the product and the way the industry works is vital to promoting the offers and turning your visitors to customers.

2. Number of offers available

There will definitely be many more affiliate offers to choose from in a more popular and competitive niche. The payouts and tools provided is subjected by the affiliate network you are working with. For instance, Direct Affiliate offers are one of a kind and exclusive only for their affiliates. That being said, you will not be able to find the products and offers on any other affiliate networks and this could be a big selling point for affiliates when promoting offers.

3. Profit Potential

It is important to look into and consider the market potential. This will in turn, convert into your profits. Affiliate marketing is a business after all. Secondly, the best verticals works best hand in hand with the type of content you produce and the audience your website draws in. That way, the conversions would be higher and more likely. Apart from Nutra being on the rise as high converting verticals, so is Adult and Diet and Weightloss. We say this because every month, Direct Affiliate gathers intel from our affiliates to put together our TOP 3 PRODUCT CATEGORY. For the last three months, these 2 verticals have been in it. Hence it is important to research on the top converting products and the profit potential you can reap from it.

Direct Affiliate`s Top 3 Product Categories of October

4. Competitive Landscape (What niche`s are on the rise?)

Choosing a competitive niche could be challenging while you are still learning, but choosing a niche that is not growing might impact your profits further down the line. Do your research to see which industries are growing. For instance, in our previous article, we spoke about the rise in Nutra offers and why affiliates should start promoting in this vertical. Affiliate marketing is competitive, dynamic and at times hard work is required. However, when you are working in a niche you enjoy, it is much easier and more fun.

When you sign up with Direct Affiliate, you will have our full support from the team. Each affiliate is assigned an Account Manager who can offer advice regarding the best affiliate offers to promote tailored to your personal experience or based off your existing website content.

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