Two important elements for building a strong marketing program are relevance and time. This is where seasonality comes in as they incorporate both relevance AND time. It goes without saying that now is a particularly effective time for offering special deals and running seasonal-specific marketing campaigns. If you haven’t been using this to your advantage or not sure how, this article will dive into some strategies for leveraging seasonality in your marketing campaigns. 

Different seasons present different opportunities to engage your audience and maximize your sales. Before you even begin, you need to understand your audience. Knowing what your audience responds to is the first step in recognizing the most effective methods. This applies to all niches. The questions you should be asking yourself are;

  1. What times of the year your niche is in demand 
  2. When do you make the most sales

Once you’ve answered these questions, you will be able to better decide where and when to focus your efforts on. 

Seasonal Promotions:

Offering special promotions based on the season is one of the easiest ways to engage with customers. People tend to look forward to changes in the seasons, holidays and other noteworthy times of the year. In addition, they often spend more time and money shopping than they might otherwise! 

By promoting seasonal offers, you are engaging with your audience on a level where you are giving them something to get excited about and ideally, presenting them with a good reason to make that purchase. At the end of the day, shoppers are looking to score deals around the holiday times and are often on the lookout for that perfect offer 😉

You can do one or all of three things to get your audience’s attention;

  1. Offer a special discount
  2. Promote a particularly relevant product 
  3. Offer a specific combination of products

Relevant Creatives:

It is important to plan your marketing content ahead. When holidays come around or seasons change, it’s helpful to creative relevant content and creatives to go along with the changes. Leverage seasonality by including imagery or language that reflects the season, such as holiday designs, sayings and catchphrases. 

Don’t forget to incorporate some fun and festive elements as well! Holidays in particular are often festive in nature after all. It goes without saying that injecting some fun into your marketing campaign for that particular season can go a long way! Some examples of fun elements that you can implement in your content work are, games, competitions or countdowns to engage with your audience. 

As we mentioned before, it is important to plan your marketing content ahead. One of the biggest causes of missed opportunities when it comes to seasonal promotions is a lack of preparation. The holidays are a busy time of the year especially towards the end of the year with many back to back holidays, events and sales lined up. It will require more to stand out with the number of promotions, deals, seals and action going on during this time. Therefore, we can’t emphasise this enough but plan well in advance. This way you are well aware of the strategies that you will employ before the season is upon you. 

Last but not least, do note that there are a lot of different seasons, holidays and special dates that you can take advantage of but you may not want to do every single one. Pick and choose the ones that feel right and well suited for your brand and niche. Once you have narrowed those down, go for maximum impact on those.

How have you used seasonality to your advantage with your marketing campaign? We would love to hear from you ! Comment below and join the conversation. 

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