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In 2021, Switzerland was ranked amongst the top 3 countries to live in the UN’s Human Development Report. This is not surprising, what with their consistently high standard of living, well-developed infrastructure and medicine.

According to the CIA World Factbook, Switzerland’s population exceeded 8.4 million in 2020. While they have an aging population, stable annual growth is projected until 2035, mainly driven by immigration and rising birth rates.

The average age of the Swiss is 42.7 years, and they have a balanced gender ratio of 0.98 men per woman. People aged 0 to 14 make up 15.3% of the population, the group of people aged 15 to 24 is 10.4%, the group of people aged 25 to 54 is 42%, the group of people aged 55-64 year is 13.5%, and the group over 65 years old – 18.3%.

graph of Switzerland population by age range
Switzerland’s % population by age range

Purchasing Power

Consumption expenditure by private households in 2018 amounted to 357.636 billion Swiss francs (Federal Statistical Office, latest data) and is distributed as follows: housing, water, electricity, gas and other utilities – 25.2%; health – 16.3%; transport, communications – 11.9%; goods and services – 11.6%; food and non-alcoholic drinks 8.9%; restaurants and hotels 8.2%; recreation and culture, education 8.0%; alcoholic beverages, tobacco and drugs 3.6%; furniture, household appliances and routine maintenance of the household 3.6%; clothing and footwear – 2.7%.

graph of Switzerland consumption expenditure
Switzerland’s % expenditure by category

A gender discrepancy is observed between the earnings of women and men for all levels of education. In 2019, women earned an average of 72,800 Swiss francs for 90-100% of work, while men earned 86,000 Swiss francs (Federal Statistical Office). For part-time workers, women earned an average of CHF 38,500 and men CHF 48,100.

Consumer Behavior

In an online survey of 2,000 Swiss, 83% of participants indicated that they used digital devices (smartphones, iPads, laptops, etc.) throughout the consumer purchase journey. The devices are mainly used to purchase items, search for pricing information or to compare, post reviews, determine pickup / delivery times, or contact customer service.

The extent to which digital device use affects in-store retail sales is becoming evident through digital influence. Certainly the influence of social media in purchase decisions is also growing.

Channels such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and blogs have a moderate to strong influence for one in five consumers. For millennials, this is almost one in three.

Best Affiliate Niches & Offers

1) Slimming

Cross-country comparative estimates of body mass index for 2020 show that 49.2% of adults (> 20 years) in Switzerland were overweight and 17.5% were obese. Among them, more men (59.3%) were overweight than women (40.0%).  

nixagrim dietary supplement bottle of 60 capsules

Our top offer: Nixagrim

A dietary supplement that helps burn fat. It is loaded with hydroxycitric acid (HCA), which has a positive effect on the metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins and fats in the body. Moreover, by inhibiting citrate lyase(an enzyme),it slows or blocks fat production in the body thus assisting weight loss. 

2) Feet health

In western countries, varicose veins are present among 25-30% of women and in 10-20% of men. In Switzerland however, the prevalence of varicose veins in women who work for extended periods of time is an astonishing 68%.

However, the most important risk factor is age. 60-80% of people suffer from varicose veins after sixty years.

To meet this concern in the CH GEO, DirectAffiliate presents two highly relevant campaigns for publishers:

presivin pain relief gel 100ml

Our top offer: Presivin

A gel used for treatment of common leg conditions that include venous insufficiency and varicose veins. Presivin is composed of Legactif and Horse chestnut extract. Used to treat blood circulation problems by improving blood flow while having anti-inflammatory properties to curb swelling and provide pain relief.    

noverloo magnetic insole

Our top offer: Noverloo

Feel the effects of magneto therapy with flexible and soft magnetic insoles designed to help massage feet when walking. Magnetic stimulation not only improves blood circulation, it helps alleviate foot and lower back fatigue. In addition a fabric top helps cushion the feet and prevents discomfort caused by sweat.      

3) Beauty

According to Statista, Swiss residents spent € 1.8 million on cosmetics and skin care in 2019. Roughly half of that amount was spent on anti-aging cosmetics. Swiss women are very sensitive about their appearance and want to preserve their youth at any cost. 

olinaturis anti aging serum 30ml

Our top offer: Olinaturis Serum

Suitable for sensitive and acne-prone skin, Olinaturis is made with a blend of natural oils and herbs. Designed to both moisturise and speed up the recovery process of acne scars, antibacterial and cleansing properties are included through the use of lemongrass and coconut oil. Plus, sunflower seed oil provides a rich source of vitamin E and its anti aging benefits. 

4) Language classes 

Switzerland has four national languages: German, French, Italian and Romansh.

According to the Federal Statistical Office, over 60% of the population speaks German, otherwise known as Schwiizertütsch. A combination of different dialects that were once spoken in Austria and Germany. 

Of the non-state languages, the most common is English. It is regularly spoken by 45% of the Swiss population. English is more common in the German-speaking part of the country than in the Italian and French-speaking regions (46% versus 37% and 43%, respectively).

About 5.1% of the population cite English as one of their main languages, followed by Portuguese (3.7%) and Albanian (3.1%).

As you can see, the Swiss need language courses at least in order to understand their compatriots from other cantons.

alpha lingmind set of 4 discs

Our top offer: Alpha Lingmind

A thematic platform for learning the English language up to the intermediate level. Alpha Lingmind brings a revolutionary binaural beats technology to facilitate learning. Stimulating the brain to specific states of relaxation, concentration and an optimal state of learning allows the user to take up the language efficiently.  

ling fluent platform user interface

Our top offer: Ling Fluent

An education platform that stimulates sight and hearing offering up to 9 different languages. Users are taught through a proven method of picture association with commentary that speeds up the learning process by 5 times. To make learning enjoyable, various categories are introduced for the user to go about in ‘task’ level. 

5) Device

Switzerland has approximately 325,000 blind or visually impaired people. Only 2% of the population under the age of 40 experience such a condition. However, this figure rises to 8.9% for the age range of 60-79, and continues to rise with age.

oculissan visual perception tool display box

Our top offer: Oculissan

For seniors with vision conditions such as astigmatism or cataracts, Occulisan is a visual perception device for visual rehabilitation. By restricting the peripheral vision of the eye, the device helps stimulate the eye’s natural ability for light adjustment. Correcting the refraction of light within the retina, it thereby improves vision.

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