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We’re now in the final few months of 2021… have you been running the same few offers for the past year? While you could stick to your guns and continue running a select few tried-and-true evergreen offers, the change in season will present new consumer demands you can tap into.

As we head into autumn, there’s no better time to explore something new and add to your current repertoire of campaigns. It could also be time to retire certain offers that are more suitable to the unique climate of spring and summer.

Here are some potential opportunities and niches for affiliate marketers to look into this fall.



Specializing in the Nutra industry, DirectAffiliate is well-acquainted with the opportunities autumn presents for this vertical. The change in weather, temperatures and activities impact the relevance of certain niches.

These include:

1) Detox

While spring is well known as the ideal time for cleansing the body to pave way for a healthy start of the new year, an autumn cleansing is highly beneficial as well. By starting the fall season off with a detox of bodily toxins, one can build immunity and defense against the colds that are typical of the season, as well as prepare the body for the upcoming winter.

Detox is especially important as fall brings a shift in diet. There’s a reason why so many food and wine festivals are held during this season. Autumn is rich in harvest, with a large variety of crops, fruit and grain becoming ripe for the picking. Europe in particular is big on fall harvest celebrations, boasting excellent meats, cheese, wine and rich cuisine.

While the pandemic will see many of such festivities postponed, people will still be indulging in creamy rich food that autumn is famous for. From pumpkin spice lattes and ciders to pies and doughnuts, such heavy diets can imbalance the body. This makes routine or even daily cleansing important, which gives affiliates room to step in with detox offers.

Detox patches made from natural ingredients

Start Detox 5600 – Detox patches


Up to 9% CR and 68% AR. These body cleansing foot patches help to eliminate toxins during sleep. Made from a combination of natural ingredients, they allow for a deep cleansing of the immune system and lead the body to a state of homeostasis.

2) Immunity Boosters

COVID-19 remains a huge concern in 2021, and infection rates have shown time and time again to be unpredictable even until now. Taking the United Kingdom for instance, cases soared in the early summer only to fall dramatically in mid July. However, what has seemingly stabilised has once again mounted an uprising as infections grew to one of the highest in Europe

As autumn arrives, concerns for the flu and respiratory diseases are bound to escalate even amidst covid worries. The 2020/2021 influenza season was notable for its low number of infections as reported by the World Health Organisation. Safety measures for the coronavirus that includes the wearing of face masks, safe distancing and frequent sanitisation kept the regular flu at bay.  Even gastrointestinal infections decreased, attributed to the restrictions in contact due to safe distancing measures amongst others. 

However, in June, Accident & Emergency Centres in the UK were swamped with a dramatic rise in RSV for young children – one of the most common reasons for hospital admission in youths and infants. RSV symptoms are similar to that of the coronavirus, albeit in milder forms of fever, runny nose or coughs.

German virologist Sandra Ciesek mentioned in a podcast that the natural balance of living with viruses in general has been disrupted by the pandemic. Safety measures have created artificial conditions that influence the activity of these seasonal viruses, causing infection rates to artificially shift.

A medical journal discussing the future pandemic forecast for Europe seconds this due to a predicted easing of measures. Immunity levels may thus be lower than normal with a ‘missed’ season, seasonal viruses are likely to populate autumn and winter in greater numbers compared to 2020.

In this current health climate, building up bodily immunity will be essential. All this points towards an upcoming heightened demand for immunity boosters, which is why DirectAffiliate has brought in the following offer for our partners and publishers.

Immunity enhancement dietary supplement

New Offer: Plus Optima – Immunity enhancement


An innovative dietary supplement that supports the body’s resistance to viruses particularly of the lungs and bronchi. Consists of adaptogens that increases the ability of immune cells to defend and improve their endurance.

3) Bone & Joint Health

During this later part of the year, sunlight will only get scarcer and scarcer. This can translate into a deficiency in Vitamin D, which the body produces when the skin is exposed to sun. Vitamin D is crucial for health, bones in particular, as it enables the body to process calcium needed for strong bones. Research has also found it to play a significant role in joint health, and that deficiency was linked to arthritis pain.

In temperate countries that experience the four seasons, supplements become essential to maintain bodily health all year around. As autumn moves into winter, there is an increasing need to use bone and joint health supplements to make up for the growing lack of sunlight during the day.

Different GEOs will have different degrees of reliance on such supplementary health products as well. In places such as Malta, Valletta, which is considered one of the sunniest places in Europe, the area is expected to experience about 10-11 hours of daylight by end October, as compared to Finland, Helsinki’s 8-9 hours and Iceland, Reykjavik’s 8 hours. This gap will only grow as winter approaches.

For the latter GEOs, offers such as the following will only grow in demand this season:

Joint care supplement

Our Top Offer: Flexa Plus Optima – Joint care


Up to 9% CR and 68% AR. This supplement contains vitamin K2 and D3 along with other natural ingredients. It relieves joint and spinal pain, and strengthens the joints and tendons.

Just like people, animal companions could use the boost as well. A new offer from DirectAffiliate covers the bone health needs for dogs, which is currently only available for the Belgium GEO:

Bone and joint supplement for dogs

New Offer: Snacky Doggy – Joint care for pets


Formulated with collagen, vitamins and other organic ingredients, this product supports bone and joint function in dogs.

4) Moisturizing Skincare

As the harsh summer sun shifts to the cooler and drier days of autumn, our skin will be the first to feel the effects.  Eczema, dandruff and psoriasis rashes are just part of the time bomb waiting to happen. Adjustments to one’s skincare routine will be needed to combat or better yet, autumn-proof one’s skin

Hydration-boosting elements are critical in Autumn’s day to replenish the loss in hydration. Circumvent inflammation with the holy grail that is moisturizer. Already a staple in summer skincare regimens, moisturizers for autumn should ideally be rich and creamy. Moreover, they should contain humectants and occlusive ingredients to draw and seal hydration within the skin. To achieve maximum hydration, moisturizers should be applied after on damp skin that has been cleansed and patted dry. 

Worried of the moisturizer’s longevity? Layer on with hydrating boosters or nourishing serums to give long term hydration and smoother plumper skin. Better yet, include products containing antioxidant vitamin E for its healing and moisturizing properties.

Here’s a DirectAffiliate offer appropriate for the occasion:

Moisturizing oil for irritated skin

Our Top Offer: Dermolios – Regeneration & softening skin oil


A gentle oil with natural composition, it can be applied on the face and body. Suitable for hypersensitive and irritated skin, it nourishes the skin and provides support with moisturizing and regenerating properties.

Electronic Appliances

Aside from the Nutra lineup we’ve outlined, there are other applicable niches as well. Electronics are a mainstay of any season, and autumn is no exception. As the weather gets colder, warmth is certainly the primary necessary element. Portable patio heaters and dehumidifiers are ideal in maintaining ideal temperatures without damaging skin.

It’s also a time where people look to upgrade their kitchen, as comforting home cooked meals are appreciated even more so during colder months. Thanks to the rich harvest available, autumn is also a great season for baking various pastries. Pumpkin and apple pies in particular are seasonal favourites, which makes cooking appliances such as hand or stand mixers popular.

The comfortable weather also makes it great to curl up in a cozy armchair and chill to a good show or music on a quality entertainment system.

Outdoor Gear

Temperatures tend to fluctuate pretty drastically during the day and night in autumn, but that’s not going to stop one from having fun at home or outdoors. The Dutch concept of coziness exemplifies the autumn state, its hygge time yet again.

Autumn apparel essentials no doubt include the cosy from sweatshirts and pants to cold-eliminating accessories like scarves and knitwear. Other iconic pieces include outerwears like long coats or leather jackets matched with boots. For the sporty or casual, waterproof apparels with luminescent/reflective panels for visibility are especially suitable for the cloudy weather.

The cool temperatures of autumn make it a great time to partake in various outdoor activities. Tech gadgets for hobbies like cycling, camping, stargazing and even fishing will be in demand as a result. Lighting and related peripherals like LED reflective strips remain a top contender for all niches, be it for safety or ambience. Following which portable heating devices are a must to keep the warmth in and for camping/glamping purposes.

Some outdoor-related offers DirectAffiliate carries include:

Shoe protection spray

Our Top Offer: Pellicare – Shoe protection spray


A spray with the latest in nanotechnology, it grants hydrophobic properties that not only prevents moisture absorption but reduces accumulated dirt. Designed for smooth leather and textiles, the spray can also be used for furniture and car interior. 

Magnetic shoe insole

Our Top Offer: Pro-Relifeet – Magnetic shoe insoles


A shoe insole designed to support the foot through correcting the posture thereby eliminating pain and tiredness. Designed with ventilation openings for circulation and moisture removal, it can be cleaned with a damp cloth.

What Comes Next: Upcoming Opportunities

Aside from being a time of abundant harvest, autumn, as the season preceding winter, has strong spiritual symbolism as the beginning of the end. This is why there are many events and festivities that take place in the fall.

In Asia, many countries partake in mid autumn festivals in late September. Following that, there are celebrations of Oktoberfest in Germany (which is unfortunately canceled in 2021 due to the pandemic) along with Halloween. November brings Mexico’s Day of the Dead and India’s Diwali as well.

Thanksgiving takes place on the 25th of November this year. While traditional celebrations of a family reunion and feast are largely kept within the US and the UK, Thanksgiving heralds a huge notable event that has gone global over the recent years: Black Friday.

A practice stemming from the US, Black Friday is a day where stores and retailers slash prices and offer massive sales, resulting in huge crowds to the point of stampedes. As society grows increasingly digitized, Black Friday sales have entered the online sphere as well, to the point that Cyber Monday was created to hype up e-Commerce sales. In a similar vein, China created Singles Day, aka 11.11 which takes place on the 11th of November. Today, it has become one of Asia’s largest online sales events, gaining traction on a global scale.

These Mega Sales events generate staggering levels of revenue as consumers indulge themselves and prepare for the gift-giving holidays in winter. On one hand, this presents a great many opportunities for affiliate marketers, as many are eager to spend online. Spending propensity is high, and it’s a great time to run a huge variety of offers.

On the other, ad costs are expected to go up with so many businesses wanting to get in on the opportunities of the holiday season. Add in the fact that many businesses have gone digital thanks to COVID-19 restrictions limiting the profitability of physical stores, the end of autumn will bring huge competition for advertising space online.

For affiliates relying on online ad traffic, it’s crucial to double down and ready strategies for this upcoming period. Aside from running only the most relevant of offers and using high quality campaigns to stand out, diversification of traffic is recommended. Utilize a 360-degree marketing approach, and consider alternatives such as curating an email list in preparation for Q4, since social media and other online avenues will be flooded with content and promotions.

Autumn is an exciting time, full of opportunities if you know where to look. Don’t let the potential of Nutra and outdoor offers pass you by! To continue maximizing ROI, make sure to stay several steps ahead and chart out a strategy in advance for the rest of the year.

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