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August is well on its way, and if you’re an affiliate running campaigns in Europe, it’s time to sit up and take note. With August comes the height of summer, and with it comes the annual holidays for many Europeans. And as any marketer knows, vacation = prime time spending and opportunities!


Vacationing in August

In Europe, it’s almost a cultural tradition to take leave in August en masse, especially in the southern part of the region. France and Italy are especially well-known to take long breaks this month, leaving many businesses and practices closed as locals travel overseas to explore other countries – both within and outside Europe.

In 2021, travel won’t be returning to pre-COVID levels just yet, but it’s already starting to get back into the swing of things. The EU, in particular, is keen on ramping up on their summer tourism.

GEOs to Note

They’ve recently rolled out the EU Digital Covid Certificate, which exempts those that have been vaccinated and certified from testing or quarantine when travelling across borders. This initiative went live on 1st July, and spans across the 27 member nations, along with Switzerland, Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein. Some EU countries such as Greece and Spain also accept the NHS Covid pass, which is an equivalent issued in the UK.

Man holding a pamphlet with a QR code of his digital vaccine passport at an airport

It seems that many in Europe are excited to travel after a long year of lockdowns. A survey revealed that 57% of Europeans have the expectation of travelling for the usual summer holidays. While this was a decrease from expectations in 2019, it’s still 50% more compared to Americans currently. Countries such as Italy and Poland are especially keen, seeing an increase in travel desire this summer. This makes them prime GEOs for the following campaigns!👇

While DirectAffiliate doesn’t carry any travel offers, we do have offers that double up as travel essentials. The next few weeks in the run up to the peak vacation period will be an excellent window of opportunity. Don’t miss out!

Our Best Offers for August 2021

1) Hydrating Beauty Products

One of the most essential things to include in one’s travel pack is skincare. This is especially so for the ladies, who want to maintain beautiful, smooth skin.

Aside from a heavy-duty sunscreen, it’s important to upkeep a skincare routine since travelling can be stressful. When travelling in the summer, exposure to the hot sun can give your skin freckles, rough texture, white spots, and discoloration. It can also widen small blood vessels under the skin.

Horrifying? Worry not!

DirectAffiliate carries a range of anti-aging product offers that can seamlessly slip into the ladies’ skincare routine, meeting a variety of beauty needs. Creams, face masks, serums… take your pick. They all provide hydrating properties that can moisturize and nourish skin, making them perfect bring-alongs for a summer vacation.

Carratia Anti Aging Cream

Our Top Offer:
Carratia Anti Aging Cream 

A novelty for luxurious skin care, containing particles of 24 carat gold. Applicable for all skin types, it has both nourishing and moisturizing effects that helps smoothen out wrinkles and firms the dermis creating that radiant youthful glow.

2) Sun Protection Oil

In many parts of Europe and America, a bronze sun-kissed skin tone is highly regarded as a beauty standard. This is in stark contrast to Asia, where feminine beauty is embodied in fair skin.

As whitening products spike in demand in Asia, tanning products become all the rage in Europe during the summer. Many flock to the long beautiful coastlines of the region during the holidays, with hopes of developing a glowing golden tan.

Tanning oils attract and focus UV rays onto the skin. It accelerates the production of melanin, giving your skin a darker hue. Such products, while popular, are highly risky and can even cause sun damage to skin.

This is why we brought in an offer for sun protection oil at the beginning of the season – perfect for a more discerning audience seeking to protect their skin while they tan:

Dermoisole Sun Protection Oil

Our Top Offer:
Dermoisole: Sun Protection

It’s a gentle oil made from natural ingredients such as hemp seed and black seed, giving one natural protection against UV rays while moisturizing and protecting skin.

For a relatively recent offer, our affiliates are seeing great success with it, getting up to 65% approval rate and 8% conversion in Belgium.

3) Pain Relief

For a lot of European countries, the summer months are packed with activity with longer days than night. Fun adrenaline-led activities are likely to be number 1 of the checklist for most. But just like the great British Summer, pain is a natural occurrence that can get more severe with heat.

According to a research done by the University of Manchester called “Cloudy with a Chance of Pain”, they found that pain increases in 3 distinct weather conditions. They are 1) particularly humid weather, 2) low atmospheric pressure and 3) high winds. Underlying health conditions like venous insufficiency; arthritis; multiple sclerosis and fibromyalgia will make one particularly vulnerable to heat sensitivity. 

Leg muscle pain or leg pain from health conditions can put a damper in the summer mood. Products that contain anti-inflammatory ingredients and vitamins are essential for a good quality of life in the summer months. Vitamin K-2 in particular is touted for its effects in improving bone and cardiovascular health.

Here is where our range of pain relief products take the stage. We can’t speak for the doctors but with them in the pocket, feel free to break a leg! 

On top of supplements, we carry gels and creams for those who prefer topical administration as well. Register to check them out!

Naturalisan Pain Relief Gel

Top Offer:
Naturalisan Pain Relief Gel

A gel that not only has anti-inflammatory properties, it’s analgesic and moisturizing capabilities combine to give pain alleviation to the affected area. It also doubles up to eliminate improper blood circulation and swelling caused by long hours of standing. 

4) Shoe Insoles

Walking holidays are a trend set to stay, what with the many picturesque routes in Europe. While the landscape hasn’t changed, your foot condition might have.  There’s no reason why your holiday should start in pain or discomfort.

Modern shoes aren’t always designed to help support the anatomical structure of the legs, nor are they adaptive for the summer sweat. Insoles are now much more common and vital in sports and everyday life. 

Pain relief is not the only benefit insoles can provide. They can also help in aligning feet besides providing comfort. Common foot disorders that can be corrected through insoles are Bunions (Hallux Valgus); Achilles Tendinitis; Ankle Sprains and Plantar Fasciitis. For the summer months, insoles with antibacterial properties can help prolong the shelf life of your shoes in addition to providing comfort and support. 

Pro-Relifeet Shoe Insoles

Our Top Offer:
Pro-Relifeet Shoes Insoles

An insole that consists of an upper and bottom layer of high quality sheepskin and latex foam that cushions the feet. Supporting the alignment of feet, it alleviates pain caused by improper posture and assists in the treatment of forefront and plantar arch pain. 

5) Education Courses

There’s a chinese saying ‘活到老学到老’, that roughly translates too ‘learning never stops’. In Europe, each country has their own rich culture and languages. For individuals travelling in the region, it helps to learn the local language, even if it’s only on a conversational level. It’s fun and a great way to bond and build rapport with the natives, who are likely to appreciate the attempts.

Ling Fluent Language Course

Our Top Offer: Ling Fluent

An education platform that stimulates sight and hearing offering up to 9 different languages. Users are taught through a proven method of picture association with commentary that speeds up the learning process by 5 times. 

Additionally, while many use their vacation to kick back and relax with a sangria in hand, there are those who wish to maximize it. “How to stay productive during the summer break” is a popular query, which makes educational courses so relevant. Courses on easily accessible platforms make it convenient for travellers to learn something new, even on their holiday.

Aside from language courses, we’ve recently introduced a programming course to our catalogue as well. Programming is another life skill that has been actively encouraged with the rise of digital literacy. EU code week is an example of one such initiative. With the aim to motivate the joy of coding, it also connects individuals and groups to be a more cohesive learning experience.

The best part is, these courses will also be relevant to those who aren’t able to travel, or would rather stay safe at home as well. This means you can run them towards a larger audience.

As summer travel starts to pick back up again, it’ll be crucial to be the first few to jump on the chance and run these offers for maximum ROI. If any of these campaigns match your traffic/niche/interests – sign up with us!

For more optimization tips for the summer, check out our guides to the Hottest Summer Niches for 2021 & Summer Events to Optimize your Marketing for!

Let’s have a fun yet profitable summer together 😎

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