ACTION. That’s the main goal for a good landing page. You want your visitor to take ACTION whether it’s a click, a purchase or to submit their email. Landing pages is an indispensable part of marketing for lead generation especially for performance marketing where leads are what will potentially give you your profits. Here are 4 points as to why landing pages are important for your website. 

1. Generate Leads

Landing pages are important because they help you generate leads by starting with a qualification process and then moving your audience on through your sales process and finally converting them into new customers. It has been proven that leads are captured at a higher rate when the audience is sent to a dedicated landing page instead of just sending traffic to the generic home page. Landing pages are very specific pages designed to get visitors exactly what they want with the least amount of friction possible. 

2. Collect and track data 

If you are advertising an offer or an incentive such as a free Ebook, your visitors would need to provide you with some information in order to get access to them. For instance, visitors must fill out a form. The information you request for may vary and these will be the valuable data you collect to grow your database. Such information you can collect that would be usual would be their emails, demographics etc. By collecting their emails, you can send them regular newsletters to inform them of your new and upcoming offers to keep them in the loop and potentially convert them into sales. Have a plan on the questions and information you would like to collect that would be valuable for you. Do note, that too many questions may cause your audience to stray away. Collecting data will help you understand your new leads and segment them more effectively in order to better target their needs, desires, and pain points. It also allows you to construct personal conversations that will improve sales. 

The best part about landing pages is that the data collected can be tracked and analyzed as well. This can help you understand how engaged your prospects are with your products or services. Such data that you can track is the time on page, conversion rate, exits, bounces and number of leads generated from the specific landing page. You can compare data from various offers to see what is working and what is not. You can then rank your landing pages by how well they are performing so you can optimize and make any necessary changes to the ones that are under performing. 

3. Removes distractions and friction

Your audience may be directed to your home page and from there they have a variety of options to carry out. They could check out your ABOUT page and read the history behind your company. Whilst all of that engagement is good, it’s not great. You’re not exactly generating a new lead. This is why landing pages are important as they are designed to remove all distractions and friction to show your audience exactly what you want them to see. 

4. Can be tested and optimized

We spoke about collecting data from your landing pages and analyzing them for your own benefit. However, did you know that landing pages themselves can also be tested and optimized ? You can run tests on almost every element of your landing page. Images, headlines, text and form fields can be tested to see which element is converting into leads and which elements are not. Using landing pages, optimising and running tests on these landing pages can be one of the best ways to improve lead generation across your website. Make it part of your ongoing and regular conversion rate optimisation and website improvement initiatives. Ultimately, landing pages is the simplest, most effective way to generate more leads which in turn will convert to more sales and profits. 

We understand that sometimes it can be time consuming to create these landing pages that are efficient and provide a high conversion rate. Therefore at Direct Affiliate, we offer a range of ready-made Landing Pages! In addition, we’ve created 2 new landing pages for you to use with our slimming offers! The best part ? These landing pages are tested and optimized for the best flow for your traffic so you can be sure to get the best conversions with us. We know that variation in creatives is key in optimizing for maximum return of investments. With these new landing pages, we hope to lighten your load so you can keep your focus on your other content. 

Now that you understand the importance of landing pages, we hope you include them in your digital marketing toolbox which will benefit both you and your audience! A truly effective landing page will expand your reach, generate leads and boost your conversion rate. 

In the meantime, sign up with Direct Affiliate today!

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