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What time is it? It’s summertime! It’s time to roll up your sleeves and get ready for the hustle 💪

Just like spring, summer brings with it exclusive opportunities for publishers and affiliates. To maximize ROAS, optimizing campaigns for the season is key. Summer is an especially important window, as this is when various sales, events and the long summer break takes place.

This year, summer will be a little trickier to navigate compared to previous years, what with the various complications in store. There are nuances to consider, and if you’re discerning enough, unique demands and opportunities to explore.


What’s Happening in 2021

The COVID-19 Situation

Last year, there were high hopes of the pandemic getting wrestled under control by the time summer comes around. As it is, the current situation isn’t quite as clear cut.

On one hand, vaccines are being rolled out and infection rates slowing. In May, many countries in Europe reopened their cafes, restaurants and bars to allow outdoor dining, along with museums, galleries and cinemas. Curfews are being relaxed. Internal travel is set to resume, with some countries such as Greece and Spain allowing tourists. Poland and Czech Republic now allow the removal of masks outdoors.

On the other hand, we now have to contend with variants of the virus, some which are even more contagious than before. In Asia, restrictions are returning. Japan declared their third state of emergency on 25th April, and expanded it to 9 areas in May. Singapore has gone back to Phase 2 of their Circuit Breaker. Taiwan’s capital is at Level 3 out of 4 alert, just short of a full lockdown.  Not to mention the disaster India is facing, with their lack of medical resources and vaccinations.

This summer, it’ll be a constant push and pull between variants and vaccines. Situations differ country by country. Depending on the GEO you’re targeting and their current situation, different products will be in demand, which we explore below. 

A Hotter & Longer Summer

Aside from the pandemic, there’s anticipation for a hotter than usual summer. Powerful heatwaves are expected in Europe due to the La Niña weather pattern, going by past La Niña years. Based on expanding pressures, heat waves could be hotter and last longer than normal.

Southern Europe, particularly Spain, Portugal, France and Italy are expected to be hotter and drier than usual. There is a high possibility of drought. The heat will then expand into the rest of Europe, stopping short of the northernmost areas. Scandinavia and the Baltics are expected to be cooler and wetter, thanks to a storm track stemming from the north of the UK.

With climate change, summers are expected to last longer as well. In fact, it is predicted to last 6 months by 2100, if global warming is not mitigated. India is already feeling the heat, facing peak summer temperatures.

Sadly, the spread of the COVID-19 virus won’t be affected by the heat as much as hoped.

Considering the pandemic situation and extended heat, what offers should affiliates and publishers promote? With a primary focus on the Europe region, here are the specific niches and offers we recommend, to maximize your returns for this summer.

Top Converting Summer Niches:


Beauty is an evergreen vertical, but different seasons call for different types of products. An offer that does well in winter or spring won’t fly in the hottest period of the year. Summer months are especially hard on acne-prone skin, due to heat and humidity levels that will leave one at the mercy of your own sweat. Face masks, which are now standard, will only worsen it, causing outbreaks and whiteheads due to clogged pores. Proper skincare and beauty regimes are essential to combat the heat and keep a fresh look.

Here’s what will be in demand:

The quintessential sunscreen is a must against harmful ultraviolet rays. With sunscreens ranging in SPF values, do find a quality product of optimum value to promote, and remember that higher doesn’t necessarily mean better.

Summer calls for lighter makeup products. Look for good primers, and lipstains over heavy lipsticks. If the product has additional moisturizing benefits, even better. Consider and highlight if these products can stay on and last with face masks – a highly relevant current concern.

Think of summer activities as well. For an audience with an interest in summer swimming and visiting beaches, highlight and promote waterproof options, lest they end up looking like a raccoon when their mascara runs. For those who enjoy suntanning, promote sun protection oils to them.

Makeup trends for summer 2021 are coming in brighter, bolder and glowier, so choose palettes accordingly. Coral or punchy pink lip products will fit the summer aesthetic well. For audiences that prefer the “no makeup” makeup look, offer concealers and moisturisers to still achieve that glow up. Likewise, for hair trends, go for pastel and quality treatments to prolong the longevity.


To complement the outdoors, summer fashion trends welcome the 90s with comforting denim and bomber jackets. On the other hand, pastel and minimalist/maximalist styles are here for the summer vibes. 

For the indoors, demand for air coolers have gone up to provide superior ventilation and prevent pollution. Moreover as Europe contributes to 34% of global coffee consumption in 2019, cold brew coffee/coffee makers would be in high demand. Lets face it, a cold coffee just hits differently on a hot summer day.

In the meantime, consider cooling neck wraps and other cooling fabrics like blankets to regulate body temperature and keep the heat at bay as well. These will be strongly appreciated when the height of summer hits. However, take note that cooling products might be less relevant for GEOs such as Norway and Sweden, as they are likely to experience less heat given weather predictions.


Slimming has always been a huge niche during the summer period. After all, it’s the season for beaches, swimming and suntanning. Many will be striving for a beach bod, to feel good in their swimwear. This is especially so in Europe, where there is a strong beach culture thanks to their long coastline.

This niche might not be as hot as previous years, due to COVID-19 restrictions and concerns reducing outdoor activity. However, with how Europe has started to open up, some degree of demand will likely persist. Notably, Greece, well known for their beautiful beaches, has opened up to tourists for the summer. German and Polish tourists have already started to fly in.

Additionally, quarantine and working from home has likely resulted in additional weight gain for many. To dress down for the summer and socialize, people will be keen on losing it. Because of this, there is an opportunity in promoting fitness and slimming products, such as virtual workout courses, supplements, along with associated apparel and equipment.


Summer heralds a variety of health hazards, many due to the heat. Heat-related ailments include sunburn, dehydration, heat stroke and joint pain. Other common ailments include insects bites and allergies which occur due to increased outdoor activity. Food poisoning due to outdoor grilling and barbeque are common as well. And then there’s the persisting virus, COVID-19.

Additionally, there’s something known as the July Effect in the US, aka Killing Season in the UK. In the summer, senior medical residents graduate, and new ones are brought in. This supposedly leads to an increased incidence of medical errors. Because of the belief in this phenomenon, some may be wary of going to the hospital during this period. In addition, with how hospitals are taxed with COVID-19 patients, you can stand to promote prevention and natural remedies for the more minor health hazards.

With all that in mind, these offers will be particularly relevant this season:

  • Immunity boosters
  • Vitamins – C for immunity and reducing sinus inflammation. E for skin protection against the sun, detoxing and building muscle strength. A for skin repair, immunity and supporting organ function.
  • Blood circulation
  • Pain relief and soothing creams, patches, gels etc.
  • Therapeutic massaging foot insoles
  • Allergy medication
  • Herbal teas and remedies
  • Insect repellant
  • Sunburn treatment
  • Sunscreen for UV protection
  • Sunglasses for UV protection

Muscle Gain

It’s not just the ladies that are keen on a summer bod. Men want to look good too. There’s opportunity for the muscle enhancing niche in the summer. Consider running offers for fitness courses, nutrition planning and assistive supplements.


The gaming industry was one that experienced lucrative growth during the pandemic, as people stayed home. Mobile gaming in particular did very well, due to the convenience. A survey showed 42% of Englishmen aged 55-64 played video games regularly, showing that games have a huge potential across age groups. With the situation as it is, this niche continues to have huge potential.

Summer 2021 has multiple highly anticipated new game releases and gaming events, such as E3, Steam Next Fest, GDC 2021, and EA Play to name some of them. Aside from promoting the games and mobile gaming apps, consoles and gaming peripherals have great potential too. Ergonomic chairs specialized for gaming is something to look into as well. Such chairs have enjoyed a great boom during the pandemic, as people work and play from home.


In summer, people enjoy indulging in more outdoor activities. Outdoor tech gadgets will continue to be a staple niche, ranging from the suite of photography gadgets in the likes of drones and LED helmets, to hiking/biking/camping essentials to create that picture perfect shot.

These products will also be great to promote for Fathers’ Day, which happens in June for many countries in Europe.

That being said for all other home vibes, here are a few offers to consider: 


It has been a bad time for travel offers for the past year. However, since Europe has started lifting restrictions, it is a possible niche to get back into, though demand is likely still low. Stay updated with the news, and be sure to check what countries are on which countries’ green list for travel. Set the geographical targeting for your campaigns accordingly. Consider also travel insurance plans that have COVID-19 coverage.

Situations can change quickly though. The moment infection rates start to rise again, its likely lockdowns will be imposed swiftly once more with little notice. Be prepared to halt your campaigns the moment it happens.


As the world wavers between vaccines, variants and heat waves, expect a dynamic summer, and be dynamic with your campaigns as well. Our advice? Diversify and ready a variety of campaigns to cater to the changing situation. Be prepared to pause campaigns and run new ones at a moment’s notice.

One thing’s for sure, though. With all the uncertainty, many consumers will still stick to online shopping, keeping outdoor activity to a minimum. As an online marketer, publisher and affiliate, this is definitely an opportunity for you. It’s just a matter of anticipating changes and being prepared.

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