From toddlers to mothers, teenagers and soccer players, influencers come in literally all shapes and sizes. Companies, both big and small, have all joined in.

Influencer marketing is one of the ideal ways to quickly buff up your brand awareness online. And it’s one channel storming across the marketing scene.

For many years, it has formed a key aspect of successful brands, including Gucci and Amazon.

Unravel the different benefits of this marketing channel in this article.

Captivate Your Target Audience

One bonus advantage of influencer marketing is how you can select influencers with followers who are keen on your product niche. Instead of searching around and trying to target the right people, you can leverage on these influencers to zoom in straight to your target audience.

This creates highly targeted traffic to your website, improving your sales conversion rates.

Any Business, Any Niche

Influencers are abundant across many industries. Whether you’re selling fashion, automobiles, curtains or even nappies, you can always find a number of influencers specialising in that particular area that suits your marketing budget. If you wish to reach the masses, your choices of influencers to engage are aplenty.

Content Acquisition

When your writer’s block or lack of fresh ideas and news are preventing you from publishing quality content, this is where influencers can come in.

Having a guest writer who is an influencer write your content helps to add value to your social media presence and in turn your brand image plus awareness.

Greater Reach

Influencers are termed as so for a reason: they have the ability to influence consumer purchasing decisions and perceptions about products and services.

Many well-known influencers command impressive followings. Even with micro-influencers, it works just as well for you to select a number of them to expand your reach.

By working with them, you get to put your products in front of an audience that is actively engaged.

Builds Brand Trust

Influencers have not only built a strong following with their fans, but also a connection that leads to trust and credibility.

Whenever they introduce a new product to their followers, people have greater buying confidence in their recommendations.

When both you and your engaged influencer shares the same piece of content, it drives people to your pages and creates a win-win situation.

Influencer Marketing vs Affiliate Marketing

While there are some differences between influencer marketing and affiliate marketing, one stark similarity is that both work on a similar business model. Some influencers may charge a flat fee for a project, but most would be keen in profit-sharing, similar to CPA or revenue-share, both popular among affiliates.

Advertisers who wish to focus on performance-based marketing may wish to look into profit-sharing, CPA or revenue-share price models, or to engage an influencer network like Gush Cloud or Nuffnang and affiliate network like Direct Affiliate to manage this for you.

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