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Spring 2021 will be a tumultuous one. On top of seasonal changes, the world will also have to struggle with new waves and new variants of the ongoing pandemic. In today’s situation, the most pressing concern weighing on everyone’s mind is — you guessed it;


Yes, Nutra is an evergreen vertical, and health products are always applicable. However, the type of health products that are relevant changes every season. This year’s spring presents even more risks and concerns than usual, which can translate to plenty of opportunities for the performance marketer.

The Usual Concerns

The standard spring health concerns emerge as we transition into warmer weather. Allergies, colds, respiratory issues and headaches are common ailments for the season. Ticks will also begin to emerge and proliferate, which will result in increased cases of Lyme disease.

The body will also be in need of detoxing from indulgent winter diets and comfort foods. Spring cleanses are popular, and natural herbs and ingredients that assist in this will be in demand.

What’s New in 2021

As of February 14, there have been over 35 million confirmed cases of COVID-19 within Europe alone. While lockdowns have been tightened and vaccines are gradually being rolled out, the number of monthly confirmed cases as of February is still a sobering one:

Image from The Economist, Tracking the coronavirus across Europe 

The peak for most countries was between November and January, most likely because the virus thrives best in the cold, dry conditions of winter. Numbers are starting to decrease, yes, but spring will bring new sets of challenges along with it.

With warmer weather, inadvertently, more people will be headed outside and mingling with others. There’ll be higher risks of transmission compared to winter, where people generally stay indoors where it’s warmer. This makes it extra important to keep our bodies healthy and build up our immunity.

Recommended Health Offers

With all the above concerns in mind, recommended health niches for this spring include:

  • Respiratory & allergy supplements
  • Sinusitis medication
  • Pain relief
  • Detox
  • Immunity boosters
  • Blood circulation supplements, which boost immunity
  • Vitamins

Hand in hand with health comes beauty. Skin care needs in spring differ wildly from winter, and the ladies will be changing up their skin care routine. 

We recommend switching to promoting:

  • Lighter moisturizers
  • Sunscreens of SPF50 or higher for UV protection
  • Exfoliating products, to buff away dead winter skin

Aside from beauty products that offer UV protection, there’s potential in outdoor oriented products as well. Potential campaigns to consider include:

  • Fitness equipment and clothes
  • Outdoor shoes
  • Shoe protection
  • Soles
  • Insect repellent, which ties in to health concerns of Lyme disease

Sadly, this vertical is no longer on the table for the next few years. Global travel specialist, Atmosphere Research Group, estimates that leisure travel will only  resume to pre-COVID19 levels in 2023.

However, it’ll still be good to keep an eye out for developments in the travel industry. No doubt, the moment travel is permitted, many will be hankering to go on a good long vacation at long last.

For spring 2021, it’ll be good to diversify into the above verticals, even if it’s not what you’re familiar with. There’s only a narrow window where certain niches remain relevant, however. Be sure not to let seasonal opportunities pass you by!

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