Affiliate marketing is a business about creating long-term profitable partnerships. Hence transparency is important to ensure a stronger partnership over a longer course of time. When you establish specific parameters to increase the level of transparency in affiliate marketing, you foster stronger ties among advertisers, publishers and networks. This, in turn, results in more targeted leads, conversions and commissions.

Advertisers should disclose everything they can about their brand, including hot-selling products, which promotions are most popular at certain times of the year, and other vital information that can impact their online performance.

However, with so many affiliate networks and a varying degree of transparency, it can be difficult to distinguish and decide on which network will ensure you reap the most from your efforts and traffic.

We at Direct Affiliate communicate and provide;

  • Contact information
  • Commission structure
  • Hot offers
  • Seasonal News
  • Tips and strategies

We do this through our dedicated Affiliate Managers who are committed in the success of all of their affiliates and who will can be easily contacted via Skype. Additionally, all of our members receives a weekly update via email of the latest offers and products added.

Chat with our Affiliate Manager, Yaro:

Chat with our Affiliate Manager, Amanda;

Secondly, we are very active on all Social Media platforms (Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter), where we post daily on tips and trends related to Affiliate Marketing as well as monthly updates on our TOP CAT and TOP GEO. If you have any enquiries, simply send up a message on Facebook Messenger and expect a reply fairly quickly with guidelines that will help you in your next steps.

Last but not least, we strongly believe that transparent settlements are vital for any successful cooperation. We neither hide anything, nor hinder any processes. We do not judge, select and assign different rates. All of our affiliates are provided with identical conditions based on individual’s efforts. Your profit depends on you!

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