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Top K-Beauty Trends and Popular Ingredients of 2022

The insanity that is the Hallyu trend of K-pop and Korean culture has caused the world to seek and yearn for the latest in K-beauty. Even the toughest men have more

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The ultimate meta cheat sheet for metaverse marketing ...

The world may have forgotten the first ever Oculus Rift announcement back in 2012. However, the undying passion of gamers for virtual reality headset has never more

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How to drive successful personalisation in a cookieless ...

A global need for privacy is the top consumer phenomena at the moment. 91% of people worldwide are concerned about the amount of data corporations can collect more

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Top 5 Marketing Trends of 2022 to Look Out For

So much has changed in the digital space in the last two years. Nobody would have thought that the marketing sphere can be compared to the art of making traditional more

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The Addictive Beauty behind Subscription Boxes

*Gasha*, *Gasha*, my heart palpitates to the clicking sound of the nostalgic toy dispensers that borders the streets of Japan. While the concept of Gachapon more

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5 ways to Succeed in Marketing this 2021 holiday ...

If you were told retail stores would struggle in the 2020 holiday season back in 2019,you would be in utter disbelief. Yet, 2020 was the year where the battle more

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5 Must Know Beauty Trends for 2021/2022

DirectAffiliate || Just like with the Health & Wellness industry, the Beauty industry has experienced highs and lows like never before with the pandemic. more

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3 Health & Wellness Trends for 2021/2022

It’s been a big year for the health & wellness industry. Thanks to the sudden hard-hitting pandemic, the industry has gone into overdrive, evolving at more

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How to Succeed with YouTube in 2021

BENEFIT || YouTube is ranked one of the most visited sites in the world, second only to Google. It rakes in a whopping 36.4 billion views a month, above more

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A Marketer's Guide to Understanding YouTube

BENEFIT || In case you’ve been living under a rock, it’s hard to miss the world’s growing obsession with video content. It is estimated that people more

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2021 Summer Events to Optimize Your Marketing for

Direct Affiliate|| While this season brings the holidays, there’s no rest for the wicked. In summer, there are multiple notable events to optimize your more

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An Updated Guide to Twitter Marketing II: Monetization ...

Direct Affiliate || In our previous article, we covered the various ways you can optimize organic content on Twitter. However, that’s only part one of more

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An Updated Guide to Twitter Marketing I: Algorithm ...

Direct Affiliate || Have you heard? Twitter is undergoing rapid changes right now, and is set to usher in plenty of new developments in 2021. While their more

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Discord VS Clubhouse: An analysis of their ...

Direct Affiliate || Over the past few weeks, the tech industry has been rife with rumours over the acquisition of Discord. More significantly so due to its more

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5 Examples of Humour in Marketing Done Well

BENEFIT || More often than not, marketing campaigns are designed around the central idea to keep your target audience happy and feel good. Humour, the one more

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Mastering the Instagram Toolkit in 2021

BENEFIT || 2021 has proven to be a year of dynamic changes so far, with many social media platforms rolling out exciting new features. From super tweets more

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Mastering the Instagram Algorithm in 2021

BENEFIT || Ever felt as if your engagement on Instagram is much lower than before? That it’s been much harder to get eyeballs on your posts? Let’s more

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Marketing to Muslims: Ramadan 2021

Direct Affiliate ||  Many performance marketers and affiliates deal with international traffic and campaigns. On that note, paying attention to and more

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The Rise of Privacy in 2021 — Its’ Impact on ...

BENEFIT || March 2021 Updates: Snapchat's iOS14 Resource HubFacebook’s introduction of Conversions API for advertisersGoogle’s Privacy Sandbox & more

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