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Understanding the Switzerland GEO

DirectAffiliate || CONTENT PAGE: DemographicsPurchasing PowerConsumer BehaviorBest Affiliate Niches & OffersSlimmingFeet HealthBeautyLanguage ClassesDevice Demographics In ...read more

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Top 5 Offers for Your Europe Traffic in August 2021

Direct Affiliate || August is well on its way, and if you’re an affiliate running campaigns in Europe, it’s time to sit up and take note. With August ...read more

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Top 10 Upcoming Affiliate Events in the 2nd Half ...

Direct Affiliate || Thanks to the pandemic hitting the globe hard last year, a lot of affiliate events had to be put on hold. It’s been quiet in the conference ...read more

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2021 Summer Events to Optimize Your Marketing for

Direct Affiliate|| While this season brings the holidays, there’s no rest for the wicked. In summer, there are multiple notable events to optimize your ...read more

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The Hottest Niches for Summer 2021

Direct Affiliate || What time is it? It’s summertime! It’s time to roll up your sleeves and get ready for the hustle 💪 Just like spring, summer ...read more

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An Updated Guide to Twitter Marketing II: Monetization ...

Direct Affiliate || In our previous article, we covered the various ways you can optimize organic content on Twitter. However, that’s only part one of ...read more

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An Updated Guide to Twitter Marketing I: Algorithm ...

Direct Affiliate || Have you heard? Twitter is undergoing rapid changes right now, and is set to usher in plenty of new developments in 2021. While their ...read more

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A Guide to Mothers’ Day Marketing 2021: Tactics ...

Direct Affiliate || The month of May brings in an important event on everyone’s marketing calendar - Mothers’ Day. If you play your cards right, ...read more

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Marketing to Muslims: Ramadan 2021

Direct Affiliate ||  Many performance marketers and affiliates deal with international traffic and campaigns. On that note, paying attention to and ...read more


The Best Niches for Spring 2021

Direct Affiliate || Spring 2021 will be a tumultuous one. On top of seasonal changes, the world will also have to struggle with new waves and new variants ...read more



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