In our previous article we spoke about the latest trends in digital marketing. This article however, will be more detailed in specific related to mainly affiliate marketing! So if you`re an affiliate for years or looking into starting into the industry, then this is definitely an article that you would want to read. In the meantime, don`t forget to subscribe to our blog to get more tip, trends and updates!

Trends in affiliate marketing is known to always be ever-changing. Hence it is vital to stay in the loop and make changes or amendments when needed.

1. Leveraging Facebook ads and Remarketing tools.

Facebook ads are increasingly used by affiliate marketers because not only do they provide detailed targeting opportunities (by audience, interest, geo etc) but Facebook ads also has the ability to help with remarketing campaigns. Affiliate marketers are now not just relying on their website audience, but they are moving over to social media as a way to pull in more conversions and get more subscribers under their belt.

2. Creating an enjoyable customer experience

We at Direct Affiliate strive to better serve our publishers. Firstly, we are transparent! By saying that, we mean that we provide clear details in performance and insights which will in turn allow all of our publishers and advertisers to have a clearer view of their efforts and success. In addition, we also provide personalised and dynamic incentives for our affiliates.Transparency is vital to building long-term relationships with publishers and calls for transparency will continue. Affiliate networks and affiliates both benefit from greater transparency.

3. Data Driven Efficiency

Furthermore, we strive for data driven efficiency. How do we prove this ? You can obtain stats of your campaigns on our portal. With the combination of your own set of unique data, you will have the perfect blend of information needed. These data not only helps curate the affiliate campaigns, but it will also influence their content and promotion strategies. With data driven efficiency, you can better track your promotions more quickly and accurately.

A tip for affiliates: It’s important to define your KPIS that align with your business objectives. If it’s mainly for sales and commissions or simply to monetize your website`s content, you should track each click all the way through sales and not rely on looking at just impressions or click through rate.

The insights generated from data analytics from the portal can help you identify the most effective advertising channels, analyse which messaging works best for your audience and shows the purchasing path to increase conversions.

4. Native advertising is still big

We spoke about Going Native in one of our previous articles. For 2019, it`s important to know that native ads are still in and gaining popularity. The reason why it is so critical today is because of all the ad blockers. At Direct Affiliate, we have many offers that are made specifically for native ads publications.

In addition, think about going beyond Google and Facebook. With an increasing dissatisfaction with these giants growing power and restrictions on privacy and censorship, affiliate marketing will be done on alternative platforms in the future. So always be on the lookout for new and upcoming networks or platforms.

The upcoming year is an evolution in marketing as we know it. As we go into 2019, it is important to remember that as an affiliate, you have to stay ahead of these trends if you want to be successful. When you start thinking and planning your campaigns, try to implement these tips.

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