While many countries are on their way towards the end of lockdowns, businesses need to bear in mind new trends in customer mindsets and in digital behaviours during this post Covid times.

There were some trends that were already emerging before the crisis and have only amplified since. On the other hand, new trends also started to appear during and because of the crisis. Change is inevitable. Here are some points worth noticing and following closely as we begin to shift back to life pre-pandemic.

We spoke about changes in digital behaviors in our previous article and we feel this is likely to last or even stay and be adapted in more Organizations. 

Tips for businesses Post Covid:

Continue to stay connected and invest in communications. By continuing to engage with your audience, you will build and sustain a stronger relationship with them and they will remember it. 

Do not be too quick to cut costs. Saving costs and recovering from the last few months of losses is probably on the TOP of your lists but its important to not cut so deep so soon. When recovery begins, you want to be able to have resources to grow again and not start from scratch. 

We also mentioned how during the pandemic, marketers might need to readjust their marketing campaigns and targeted audience. After these past few months, your customer base may have changed and you may have potential new customers to target whilst retaining your existing database. Consider analysing your customer base again to better plan your marketing campaigns. Below are some opportunities and trends that that marketers and organizations can look into when managing their campaigns once the lockdown is over. 

Opportunities and trends that are likely to last Post Covid:

  1. Consumers are more cautious in their spending power. They are choosing to prioritize in products/services that promises well-being and that provide safety and security of use. Since the beginning of the pandemic, posts and interactions linked with the sense of support and community gained a lot of traction and visibility on social media. Being a company that shows community support and understanding is what more consumers are looking for. In addition, organizations that are able to show that they are in control of their supply chain, quality controls and customer service are ultimately showing their reliability as a strong and growing Organization. 
  1. Growth in the silver generation or baby boomers. You might have a new target audience in the older generation as they had to adapt to digital devices and services during the pandemic just like everyone else. There was an increase of many baby boomers spending more time on apps, social media and messaging apps since the start of April. It’s important not to neglect this customer segment and to invest in targeting them moving forward post pandemic. 

Getting back on track might be tough but it isn’t impossible if you and your Organization manages to adapt to the changes in trends and identify growing opportunities. Given that more people have now acclimatized to the Digital ecosystem, Digital appears to be more than ever the most important channel to overcome the crisis. Be mindful of the message you will be sending out and don’t neglect any growing segment. The pandemic has proven that digital is the way to go and grow.

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