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In our previous article, we talked about optimizing Valentine’s Day campaigns for couples in Europe. That’s not the only angle you can take, however. If you find yourself struggling against steep competition, here are a few alternatives to consider!


This is a huge market with many niches to play with. Some possibilities include:

1) Looking for love

In the build up to Valentine’s day, some may start feeling their single status more deeply. As a result, they become more open to romance and start looking for dates themselves.

Here is where you can come in with Dating campaigns. In that vein, for this audience, Adult offers could hold great potential as well.

2) Celebrating singledom

On the flipside, there’ll be some who are proud to be single and are keen to indulge in their freedom. This audience aims to spoil themselves, so consider verticals such as eCommerce, Beauty, Entertainment and Events. It’s important to love yourself above all else, after all.

3) Appreciating friends & family

Others may take this day to show their appreciation towards their friends and family, much like how Finland and Estonia do things for Valentine’s Day (see our article: Optimizing for Valentine’s Day Part I: A focus on Europe). In the UK, following the majority’s plans on giving gifts to their partners, 7% plan on giving gifts to their children, 6% to their mother, and 5% to friends.

With that in mind, eCommerce offers of gift items such as toys, chocolate, flowers will therefore be a good choice. Beauty products will also be good gifts between girl friends, and Health products are great gifts for elderly parents as well.

4) Pet-owners

Many adore their pets, and where they lack a lover to spoil, they spoil their furry companions instead. In 2017, 19% of Brits bought gifts for their pets, and up to £27 million was spent for this demographic. Considering the statistics, Pet offers definitely have the potential to shine for this event.

5) Anti-Valentine’s

Here’s a niche that is rising in popularity over the years. In the US, up to 25% of consumers surveyed bought “anti” Valentine’s day gifts, as of January 2020. Tired of the lavish consumer spectacle this holiday has become, some delight in tongue-in-cheek, ironic gifts expressing a cynical view of Valentine’s, or even love itself. Such sentiment seems to be more prominent amongst the younger generation, particularly 13 to 36 year olds.

Others were hurt in previous relationships, causing them to feel less than welcoming towards this romantic holiday. For a little inspiration in targeting this segment, consider how the San Antonio Zoo and El Paso Zoo hosted events where people could buy and name cockroaches and rats after their exes, which then get fed to the animals!

 All in all, this holiday is an exciting chance for marketers to flex their creativity. As affiliate marketers, don’t let these opportunities pass you by!

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