With growing banner blindness, the improved quality of internet content, as well as negative past experiences of clicking on banner ads, users are much less willing to click on just any banner ads. In this article we will talk about how you can make your banner ads work for you in Performance Marketing. When used right, banner ads can deliver a healthy return for performance marketers. Let us dive into 4  effective banner ads tips and how to improve your ad performance campaigns !

Don’t clutter your site with ads

If your website has too many banner ads, it will make your site look unprofessional and turn your visitors away. Instead, space your ads and include quality content to balance the look of your website and keep the reader on your page. 

Choose 3-4 banners max for your page

It has been proven that placing 3-4 banner ads on your page will provide the most effective results. Do take note that the first few banners will get the most attention. As the order of placement increases, the CTR decreases as well. This means that your first few ads will get the most clicks while the ads after will receive less clicks. Therefore, it is important to choose wisely the ads you wish to promote first. 

Consider user experience with ad placement.

As mentioned above, you will capture the most attention from your user with the first few ads. The ads placed at the top of your site, before your user has to scroll will get the best results especially. Hence, place your most effective banners there. 


Studies have shown that the “magic” number is five. Showing an ad at least five times results in an increase in the number of clicks. The basic goal for any performance marketer is to get the most clicks/conversions possible for the most commission possible. 

Valuable content

Marketers need to present a tempting offer in an attractive way. With interactive content and video banners, you can offer a lot more to your website visitors and encourage them to click your campaign ads. Test ads and static banners can often be rather restrictive and may not perform as well. By trying a variety of ads banner creatives, you can offer valuable content to your website visitors. 

In conclusion, you have to understand your audience and provide them with content that they’ll want to engage with. To be successful in your campaigns, you have to make sure that your banner ads catches the eyes of your audience and make them want to click on it. It should stand out and offer something tempting. Stay tuned to our next article where will discuss how to design your own banner ads.

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