In the final part of our fraud series, we will be talking about what we at Direct Affiliate do to detect and prevent such fraudulent activities.

Over the past few months, we at Direct Affiliate have faced a number of such fraudsters. Little do they know that the detection of these activities is improving drastically and luckily for us, we have developed ways to identify these tricksters almost immediately to block their access and refuse payouts.


Affiliate marketing fraud is not an easy task, however at Direct Affiliate, we have followed and implemented some best ways to detect and prevent these kinds of fraud.

1. Our analysis. We focus on the way our affiliates monetize. Our dedicated affiliate managers will analyze their affiliates on how they lead users to a specific offer and make sure the traffic being sent to us are not fake. In other words, we go into detail. We at Direct Affiliate ensure that we protect our affiliates that want to work legit and abiding by the rules. Therefore, we can strongly say that users who join our network and do not abide by the rules will be automatically and immediately blocked.

2. We are professional in the market. We have been in the industry for a while now and we are fully aware of the kinds of fraudulent activities that occurs around affiliate marketing and how to detect them. We keep a close eye on the date we receive for instance information on referring sites, IP addresses, transaction trends etc.

3. Approval of accounts before they begin being an affiliate with us. We encourage anyone who wants to get started with affiliate marketing or already in the industry to join up with us as an affiliate by creating an account with us. The next step, our affiliate managers will look through these accounts such as their website and traffic to ensure they are as legit to begin with and have their accounts approved before they can start promoting our products.

Ultimately, it is important to take note of such fraudulent activities. Trust your network and affiliate managers and bring it up to them if you are suspicious of someone. We have mentioned how the actions of some people by doing such things can cause severe damage to the affiliate marketing industry and affiliates. We at Direct Affiliate takes such activities very seriously and it always on the look out to prevent and avoid any illegal leads or payouts.

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