Ah, the million-dollar question.

How can I boost my advertising ROI online?

It’s not rocket science, but neither is it a simple process that can be achieved overnight. Successfully pushing up your ROI offers a whirlwind of benefits. Let us show you how to do it!

1. Focus on Engagement Metrics

You can have lots of vanity metrics fulfilled, but are they really rolling in the dough?

Don’t go for shallow metrics like your number of Facebook fans, likes, and comments. While impressive numbers may look good to others, they do nothing for your profits.

Look at improving your engagement metrics instead; those that actually help boost your ROI figure and ultimately your business’ growth. Such metrics give you insight on what’s performing, what’s not, and where you should dig for gold.

In general, the main ROI metrics you should have are sales, traffic and leads generated.

2. Test and Experiment

Test, test, and test some more. Use A/B testing to compare different marketing elements like your website colours, fonts, layouts, content, and more.

Additionally, you should experiment with the different marketing channels to find out which one translates to the best ROI. For example, they can be email marketing, mobile marketing, content marketing, or affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Networks like Direct Affiliate offers optimised banners and landing pages for conversions. Doing these offers valuable discernment and alternatives for you to potentially improve your revenue. You may discover key findings that can transform your present ROI for the better.

3. Measure Your Marketing Performance

It is extremely important to measure your results, and we can’t emphasise this enough. You can use Google Analytics to determine how you fared for any time period.

This helps you to track how your marketing strategy is performing, and show you whether you’re improving or going backwards.

Some key things to measure are your conversion rate, bounce rate and number of unique visitors. Your sales conversion rate tells you whether your customers are taking an action to purchase enough.

On the other hand, your bounce rate reveals the average duration every visitor stayed on your site. Use these information to improve what is lacking and boost what is working.

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