hot niches to keep you warm in winter 2021/2022

Ho ho ho, hop onto your sleighs and rein in those reindeers, as Santa is back once more! Winter wonderland has reached 2021 amidst a tough global economic recovery. As the world continues to live progressively with the virus, the past couple of weeks have taught us a lesson on complacency. A drastic rise in Covid infection rates have plunged Europe back into despair as new restrictions were implemented to contain the surge. Not all is lost however, with vaccination rates up, things are unlikely to spiral as deep as the previous winter.

The enchanting beauty of snow filled winter Europe has continued to captivate travellers who swarm to book flights once border announcements are released. Led by the nostalgic aroma of Christmas markets and the upcoming winter sales, it’s all about the experience for the starving traveller! Be prepared to be creative and think out of the box as businesses go all out in their ad spending. Affiliates, consider the winter experience and take a look at the trending niches to maximise returns this winter!



If there’s one thing we can always bank on at the start of a new season, it’s a slew of new beauty and fashion trends to explore with. The winter season is no different, and it’s calling for unconventional eye makeup, bold lips and cool hair colors. 

Makeup trends have been shifting away from the conventional Instagram looks to styles that celebrate unique and individual personalities. This winter is all about fresh ideas. It welcomes you to shake things up and have some fun and frivolity in the midst of life’s craziness. 

Beauty Trends

This season’s eye trend is all about being bold. Going all out on the lids is ideal for current times when you’re masked up and only the eyes are on display. The smoky eye trend is here to stay but it comes with a twist of extra colours, extra glitter and all-around just being extra. Achieve this sparkly look with metallic eyeliners, shimmery eyeshadows and most important of all, glitter. Don’t be afraid to add embellishments around the eyes to accentuate the area more.

On the flip side of bold eye looks, the dewy skin trend is on the rise. Natural-looking fresh faces have been in trend, expanding  beyond social media and are now making waves on runways everywhere. “Health is wealth,” and glowing, healthy skin is the easy pick. Albeit the makeup free looks on the runway, a closer look revealed feathered brows, a natural-looking base, drawn on freckles and beauty spots and a touch of gloss on the lips. You can also achieve the seemingly bare look through a myriad of cosmetics such as dewy foundations, skin mists, lip glosses and brow creams. 

Bold red lips are also here to stay. The classic holiday staple suits every skin tone and will continue to make its presence this winter. Alongside the classic red, purple is an unexpected colour of the season. This fresh take allows you to go darker with your makeup looks. 

Pop of colours are to be expected in the season’s hair trends. Rather than just all-over colours, peekaboo colours that are hidden within are gaining much needed attention and will be featured alongside warmer-toned hair. The colours add a fun element for those who prefer non-traditional styles while the warmer tones reflect a more hydrated, healthy and shiny hair. For more beauty trends click here


The cold weather is dreadful in the winter. What’s even worse is the challenge of looking fashionable whilst staying warm. But not to worry, designers have found ways to impart style to even the most comfortable garments like jackets and sweatpants. 

The answer, puffer jackets. What was once a highly-technical preserve of mountain explorers is now an everyday winter essential of every Tom, Dick and Harry. The puffers and its advanced thermal properties will surely keep everyone warm while dressed to the nines. The all-denim trend still thrives in the winter season with different plays and takes to it.  Dark denim and patchwork styles are the go-to denim looks of the season. Oversized outerwear will continue to be popular this winter, leaving plenty of room (literally and figuratively) to get creative with layering your pieces underneath. 

All-things-knit are also to look out for in winter, from beanies to vests, from bags to dresses; knitwear is something to keep an eye out for. For those knit-savvy, you could also knit up some cozy pieces for yourself or your friends and family! It’s been a tough year (or two) for most, so let’s bring some colour into your life by brightening up your wardrobe. Color clashes are in this upcoming season so be sure to add some fun to your daily looks with pops of colours.

Nonetheless, winter styles are all about layering up and curating your own individual look. Don’t be afraid to mix and match crazy patterns, colours or even materials. With a myriad of options to explore, the only thing you’ll have to worry about is where to begin. 


Similar to how clothes get thicker in winter, skincare routines have to get stronger. Winter brings with it a whole new set of challenges for your skin. A lower air humidity, exacerbated by heating, may result in faster natural moisture loss in the skin. As a result, your skin will be dry, dull, flaky and painful, wreaking havoc on your skin’s health.

To begin, your moisturiser is in desperate need of an update. A richer formula is required to strengthen the skin barrier and prevent moisture loss due to the harsh winter cold and indoor heating. Keep a sharp lookout for these ingredients, to name a few, while choosing a moisturiser. These are namely ceramides, fatty acids, squalane, glycerin, and hyaluronic acid all of which have moisturising and hydrating properties.

Skin care is similar to clothing in a sense; it’s important to layer essential oils or skin care products in the same way that you would wear clothes in winter. The occlusive properties of essential oils can help mend damaged skin while also nourishing it. What’s another exposed part of the body that’s on your face? That’s right, lips. Chapped lips aren’t a beautiful sight, and licking them will only make them worse. Stock up on ointment-based  lip balms or lip moisturisers to keep your lips smooth and silky. and kissable.

SPF is still a must in winter! We often forget that UV rays from the sun can be intense even in cold seasons. So, be sure to opt for products that have UV protection to keep your skin safe from harmful UV rays.

Lastly, beefing up on technology, skin treatment sessions can be a hassle during winter. But that doesn’t mean you can’t take it home. Hydrating facial masks, LED light treatments or even chemical exfoliating masks can all be done in the comfort of your home. An innovative solution for the lazy and budget conscious!


Imagine waking up on a cold winter morning to the tantalising aroma of breakfast. Freshly made cinnamon french toast generously drizzled with maple syrup and a warm cup of coffee by the side, a heavenly concoction. Unfortunately while winter is synonymous for comfort food and laziness, weight loss is something that many struggle with. A contradictory affair especially, since exposure to cold winter air makes your body work harder to maintain core temperature. To help motivate yourself consider a fitness tracker along with food subscription boxes.

For those who much prefer to be up and about jogging or cycling, consider thermal innerwear. Additionally, layer up with a performance vest and fleece leggings/pants to minimize exposure to the cold. Cyclers and joggers alike should also swap regular kicks to one that’s waterproof and has a rugged sole unit. Maximise traction with the ground by attaching cleats for a comfortable workout.

Safety is the utmost priority in any situation. Clip on LED safety lights are essential in any kind of weather conditions, especially in the dark. Furthermore, improve visibility with reflective strip apparel in the form of gloves, vests and even leggings.

It’s imperative to take care of your health in the winter. Staying home all day can be a sickly affair literally, with closed windows and stale stagnant air. Solve this with the humble humidifier. Meanwhile, prevent yourself from getting sick by loading up with vitamins and supplements. If you’re spoilt for choice, make sure to take vitamins B, C and D along with zinc and probiotics at the bare minimum.

Consumer Electronics

One of the biggest industries, the consumer electronics market, faced a given boom as workers stayed home in 2021. Remote working has become a lifestyle and a game changer in everyone’s lives. More time spent at home has led to notable behavioural changes such as online shopping. Which has quickly infiltrated the lives of many and more to come. As the cold permeates in winter, indoor tech gadgets will continue to face high demand.

Starting with monitors for working… But who are we kidding? Consumers are looking at gaming monitors for an immersive play experience that boasts incredible graphics. Doubling up as a ‘work’ monitor comes secondary. Which also goes to say gaming peripherals in the form of headsets, keyboards and mouse will be in high demand. Besides the latest in mobile phones and accessories like the Apple AirTag, winter electronics give a more ‘homely’ feel.

Keep your home warm with space heaters while protecting your skin through humidifiers. For an added personal touch, go for an aroma diffuser-humidifier for a ‘spa’ like ambience. Spruce up your smart homes with a smart mug paired with a caffeine fix from a coffee maker. Finally, complete the set with a home network connected with smart plugs and a surround system. Still not feeling the warmth? Get old school with electric blankets and sweat it out with an indoor garden. All while protecting your family from contaminated belongings with a uv sanitizer.


Forecasted to grow to $545.98 billion in 2028 from the current $229.16 billion, the gaming industry is a huge source of entertainment for many. A positive climb; the stigma of too much gaming has inevitably been erased in the current times. As consumers spend a large amount of time at home, the attraction to gaming comes as a no brainer. Favoured by both young and old, the role of gaming has expanded from merely an entertainment medium to a stress reliever in current times.

While console games have remained a strong foothold in the past years, interest in online and mobile gaming has risen considerably. Female gamers have also risen via the appeal of the Twitch community, where monetising your Twitch streams can turn into a lucrative side job. Come winter, the gaming niche has considerable potential with hyped upcoming releases.

Check out the anticipated fan favourites for the upcoming months:

Halo Infinite is the latest installment in the legendary Halo Series. Arriving as a counterpart for the next generation Xbox Series X, Infinite promises smooth frame rates of up to 120FPS and a visual spectacle. Filled with nostalgia, Halo Infinite serves as a direct sequel to 2015’s Halo 5 and a nostalgic comeback it is indeed. It’s time to suit up, Chief!

Pokemon Legends: Arceus is another hot contenter in the Pokemon Series and set for a Nintendo Switch release in January 2022. Based on a partial open world RPG setting, the installment is the first of its kind in features and style. Hot on the heels of the recent Pokemon Brilliant Diamond/ Shining Pearl release in November 2021,  Pokemon Legends is empirically a success just like every other game in the Pokemon line, because you “Gotta Catch ‘Em All”. 

Horizon Forbidden West, is the sequel to the hit multi-award winning action RPG Horizon Zero Dawn in 2017. Following the adventures of Aloy, the game leverages on the capabilities of the PS5 to deliver new visual spectacle gameplay. Horizon Forbidden West delivers new environments, new monsters, new weapons and a new plot come February 2022. All it takes now is to wait patiently while sharpening your bow mastery prowess. 


Global tourism has suffered drastically since the onset of Covid-19. As countries imposed ongoing lockdowns and restrictions, air travel grinded to a halt. However, in 2021, with vaccine rollouts and border re-openings, tourism and global travel is on track to recovery. Rising consumer confidence and gradual restoration of safe travel in Europe and beyond is still a work in progress.

In the Asia-Pacific region, many Asian countries are taking a cautious approach to re-opening borders and welcoming tourists. Singapore and South Korea for instance have kicked off a reciprocated travel bubble after high vaccination rates in both countries. Additionally, Singapore’s Vaccinated Travel Lane scheme proved to be a hit to many travellers allowing fully vaccinated travellers to enjoy quarantine-free travel between Singapore and certain countries. 

Situation in Europe

Back in Europe however, the situation is looking grim as Austria imposed a full lockdown on 22 November. Rising Covid infections have also prompted various governments to consider partial lockdowns or stricter management measures. Nonetheless, international and domestic travel still remains for the rest of the countries albeit with stricter measures.

A winter sports gem, Europe is home to many ski resorts for the adventurous. Take flight with the basic essentials of thermal clothing preferably of fleece origins from innerwear to scarves and gloves for added warmth. Otherwise invest in a winter travel set, a large enough backpack to store the essentials and much needed accessories to keep you company in the cold. 

The basics are settled, now for the winter proofing; winter waterproof boots or waterproof jackets to stay dry and clean, no one likes the feeling of wet clothes. Layer up with a performance jacket or parka with pockets to store your trusty heat pack. For the adventurous folks, snow goggles are in season, be sure to grab a pair! Finally, save memories of your travels with a GoPro or a drone. Don’t forget to get extra batteries and accessories for a truly cinematic experience and for regular maintenance.

A reminder to also get travel insurance if you haven’t already. Do make sure to purchase one that covers cancellation and Covid related expenses for pre, during and post travel for extensive coverage (if applicable).
For an updated list of travel restrictions click here, otherwise happy travelling. 


Winter days are best spent with our four-legged companions, frolicking in the snow, cuddling up under blankets, and going on winter-wonderland walks. But the cold weather can also create discomfort for your pets, so let’s keep them protected with some of the items below. 

Waterproof booties are an absolute essential for our four-legged pals. The shoes protect their precious paw from salt, ice and snow that could cut their feet and get trapped in their fur. It also keeps your pets from slipping on the icy ground. A portable paw washer is also great for keeping your pet’s paws clean and free of bacteria. Heated pads or beds are a must to keep them warm and cozy so they don’t have to spend all of winter hiding under covers from the cold. 

Achieve a stylish yet warm look this holiday season with winter scarfs and christmas sweaters. You could also opt for more practical options like insulated vests, full-body coats or dog coats instead. Moreover,help protect their paws and snouts with creams and moisturisers

Vitamins and supplements are a must for your pets this winter season. The cold weather could leave them aching and limping but not to worry, joint support supplements will surely keep your pets jumping and running. Last but not least, keep your pets occupied with cute stuffed toys or interactive toys now that it is too cold to run around outside.

Upcoming Events: 

You’ve now explored the different niches to tackle this winter. But what kind of festivities should you optimise for? Take a look at some of the biggest opportunities!


An occasion like no other, Christmas 2021 is set for family bonding. After more than a year of restrictions, most countries have managed to scale vaccination rates to an extent that calls for less restrictive measures. Families spending more time together means presents and festive decorations are to be expected. Sales on Christmas wreaths, ornaments and more are expected for the grand bonding session.

Unfortunately, post Christmas sales on Boxing day will not be that of its prime. Retailers are choosing to shut as a way of appreciation for their front line staff and families. Others that do remain open are banking on the opportunity of merry festivities for increased footfall.

New Years

The period of new year’s resolutions is here, with consumers striving to achieve their own versions of ‘New Year, New Me’. This practice has led to a sharp spike in consumer traffic and sales during this short window every year. Compared to Christmas sales, consumers have a stronger perception of what they want, translating into increased sales for the New Year’s. Notably home & improvement goods are in universal demand across European countries. Notwithstanding the essential opportunities of fashion, electronics plus health and beauty goods.

Valentines Day

Get in the spirit for love for Valentine’s Day, which is coming up in February. A day dedicated to showing love and affection to one’s partner has become one of the world’s major spending events. Even in the midst of a global pandemic that has shook the economy and cost millions of jobs, people aren’t cutting back on celebrating their loved ones. Though Valentine’s Day is traditionally associated with expressing love to our significant others, the holiday has evolved into a celebration of all loved ones, including friends, family, coworkers, and even pets. Popular gifts on valentine’s day include beauty and self-care goods, wine and chocolates, fashion accessories as well as flowers. 


As an affiliate, online marketer, or publisher, the winter season is a fantastic time. With so many big events to count on, make sure you’re ready to switch up your marketing tactic and campaigns to target different events in this season. Online shopping is here to stay, as the pandemic is far from over. This cold season will undoubtedly keep you as busy as ever.

Our advice to you is to have fun this winter and not be afraid to diversify and change up existing practices! Experiment with new products, niches, ideas and tools and you’ll surely be having a fruitful winter.

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