Did you know that the amount of money spent on native ads has been heavily growing? If you are in affiliate marketing and not currently using native ads as a traffic source, don’t worry you are not too late to start earning money through native ads! Here is a list of reasons as to why you should jump right into native ads in the first place.

Native ads continue to increase in popularity because to simply put it, they work! IPG Media Lab and Sharethrough conducted an original study with over 4000 participants to study the behavior and perception towards native ads. It proved that native ads are more visually engaging as compared with traditional display ads. Additionally, users were more inclined to share native ads.

Through the study, it was reported that consumers looked at native ads more frequently than banner ads. This is because native ads are content-based that are already integrated within the editorial feed whereas for banner ads, they are a standard 300 x 250 ad placement in the upper right hand corner of the webpage which can be easily scroll over without a second glance.

Consumers prefer native ads making them more likely to perform better than traditional ads like banner ads. In addition, native ads have a higher view rate than traditional banner ads. This comes as good news for affiliates because as an affiliate, you WANT your audience to see, like and interact with your ads!

One of the pros of native ads is that they avoid disrupting the user experience. It gives users a choice to interact with the ad content, empowering the customers. Ads are non-disruptive, ensuring users are less likely to recognize them as targeted marketing tactic. Native ads appear seemingly organic, creating an environment where the user is more likely to look at and even better, click on and read your ad.

Furthermore, apart from just blending into the site, for some native ads, the thumbnail images displayed are very emotional. That being said, the ads really make you want to click on them. It entices you with curiosity with the images and captions.

 In addition, they are also featured on many trusted websites such as The New York Times, Forbes, People and PCWorld , which helps improve their reputation among users. Hence they are becoming more and more popular in affiliate marketing.

Some campaigns that align well with native ads are:

  1. Increase traffic to original content.
  2. Improve sign up rate
  3. Improving engagement

Some of the most common native verticals are:

  1. Technology (gadgets & software)
  2. Health & Beauty
  3. Financial Services
  4. Gambling
  5. Dating
  6. Games
  7. Education & Careers

 Therefore in conclusion, here are some of the reasons as to why you should go native. Native advertising is on the rise. Those successful and strong native ad campaigns have a compelling headline, a motivating description that includes key words and language that inspires action and a clear and emotional image that will be relatable or catches the attention of users. In addition, native ads improves your click through rates. And last but not least, native ads are great for campaigns that are content driven, aims to acquire new customers and change brand perception. So if you have yet to gone native, now is the time!

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