I think it’s safe to say that an affiliate landing page can make or break an affiliate marketing campaign. Landing pages are very important, especially if you’re an affiliate and want to find success with affiliate marketing! With so many distractions and opportunities for someone to click or buy something online, landing pages take away all of this and focus on one sole offer. It allows you to better pre-sell the visitor prior to them landing on the merchants page. At the end of the day, the main aim of developing a landing page is to convert as many people to click, buy, and register or whatever your intended call to action is.

The landing page of your website – also sometimes called the “home page”- is the most important page in your entire site, and the design, functionality and content on your landing page has to be appropriate to the products or services you showcase, and the visitors that come to check them out.

Whether you are just getting started with affiliate marketing or want to branch out and increase your existing revenue streams, having a good landing page or improving the content on your existing landing pages can be the step in this direction.

High converting landing pages make it easy for visitors to tell at a glance what an offer is and why they should want it. In addition, it provides plenty of interest and engagement without bombarding the visitor.

The main problem with affiliate landing pages is that they are generic and almost always have a mundane design. With all the important and necessary features such as headlines, CTA buttons and contact form present, what is lacking is the extra wow factor to convince visitors to click on the CTA button which will lead to a conversion.

Now you might think that going the extra mile to create a different and more creative landing page would mean that it is a difficult process. On the contrary, it doesn’t have to be the case.

So don’t worry! Because when you’re an affiliate with us, we take the work and worry away. There are many great examples of landing pages that you can use on Direct Affiliate. Look up our TOP GEOS  and TOP VERTICAL, and you will have different kinds of landing pages that you can use that best suits your website and call to action.

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