We are proud to announce that Direct Affiliate will be attending Affiliate World Asia 2018 from the 5th and 6th December 2018 in the magnificent city of Bangkok, Thailand.

What is Affiliate World Asia?

If you’re an affiliate, I am sure you must have heard about one of the hottest events in the industry right? Well, nonetheless, let me give you a brief introduction to what it has to offer.

Affiliate World Asia is arguably the biggest event of the year for affiliate marketers. From Europe (Barcelona) to China, it’s now coming back to Bangkok for its third year! This conference is one which has become a pioneer in the industry to bridge the gap between an advertiser and a publisher.

Now this event, what can I say… it attracts the planet`s most influential affiliates. In 2017, Kulwant Navi from BloggingCage, Pradeep from CashOverFlow and Sorav Jain from SoravJain.com were only a few of the many bloggers and marketers who attended. Such an event gives affiliates the opportunity to meet other influential affiliates face to face in the same place!

In addition, there will be lengthy discussions about digital and affiliate marketing. You will also be able to meet your affiliate managers, product owners, traffic sources and as previously mentioned, other affiliates face to face. By attending the talks, you will learn top-notch affiliate marketing tips from the best of the bests and ultimately make more money by working on the things which are successful in the industry. These experts deliver detailed content on stage, giving valuable insights into their path to success.

This year more than 30 speakers along with many big industry players will deliver their speeches at the conference. Isn’t it a whole new experience actually meeting your idles compared to just reading their blogs? Seeing them face to face and hearing all the valuable tips they will be sharing is always a motivating experience!

Did we mention that AWA tends to attract over 110 advertisers, 3000 attendees and more than 150 affiliate networks including of course, Direct Affiliate 😉

One of the best take away from AWA conference is that you will realize how big and serious the industry is. This is definitely a must-attend conference for every individual who is making money with affiliate marketing or looking forward to start their career as an affiliate. One tip or offer or perfect partner can change the whole game for you and open a new door for you to make more money.

If you`re an affiliate, make sure you attend this conference and meet our team! Our team attending this year`s AWA conference will be composed of several knowledgeable representatives. So we invite you to come down to our booth #B26  We will be more than happy to discuss anything related to affiliate marketing, our network, our exclusive offers and many more.

Check us out on FacebookInstagramTwitter and LinkedIn. Contact us at marketing@benefit.sg for more information. All rights reserved by BENEFIT Pte. Ltd.


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