Many TOP affiliates have vouched that the reason their affiliate business is the way it is today, is through attending a number of affiliate conferences over the years. In our previous article, we spoke about the importance of attending such conferences. So you know why you SHOULD go. Let us teach you HOW to network like a pro once you’re there 😉

Now some may say that attending conferences are too expensive and not worth it. But really, you get what YOU put into it. Before attending these conferences, you should be prepared. Have a checklist of all the information you want to gather and an end goal to achieve by the end of the conference.

1. Prepare your meetings before hand.

Meetings are key to a successful affiliate event. At every event, a list of networks attending will be posted on the official website. You can then go through where these networks will be located and research on what they have to offer. In addition, you can also setup an appointment to meet the Affiliate Managers.

For instance, Direct Affiliate will plan and schedule for appointments with current affiliates or new potential affiliates to have a meeting to discuss all about our exclusive offers and payment made in EUROS! By booking an appointment, you can plan out constructive questions to ask them. Be precise and ask questions that matter to you as an affiliate. Some questions you can ask are what offers they run, how fast the network pays and how payment is made.

2. Be a social butterfly.

Networking could probably be one of the best ways to get to know new people and companies in the same industry as you. This is the place to engage with people and exchange ideas. You might learn a new tip or trend that you were unaware about that could help you in your affiliate marketing business! Building more connections will help your business prosper. Don’t be afraid to ask what people are currently doing. Share about your experience in the industry and you`ll open up the door for others to do the same! Any person you speak to, could be a potential contact or network that could possibly take your business to the next level. So get your back off the wall and spread your wings!

3. Define what are the topics you’re more interested in.

Before an event, define what are the topics you are more interested in or find out which workshops or talks seem to be the must-attend ones. More likely than not, there will be a variety of famous and successful affiliates speaking at these conferences. Through their workshops, you will learn new insights into the industry`s latest innovations and improvements. If you`re a newbie and been meaning to get into the industry, these workshops help you clear any doubts or uncertainties you have as it covers a wide range of topics.

4. Listen up.

Many Super affiliates attend these conferences and share their insights. Listen carefully to what everyone is saying because you’ll learn a little bit with everyone you’ll meet at the event. Secrets, best practices,hidden strategies. People will exchange ideas. They will share new perspectives, new rules, different verticals that only the masters know. All this will allow you to increase your knowledge on specific matters. What they say matters because it is going to help you calibrate your approach and overall affiliate marketing strategy.

5. Attend the parties. 

Attending parties is a smart business move. It is the best place to discuss the industry’s trends while enjoying a drink! Almost all major conferences have after parties. These parties are a great place to build on previously established relationships.

6. Follow up.

Once you’re back, don’t forget to explore the connections you made. Send them an email, add them on Skype. You`ve collected a bunch of name cards, made a ton of notes so it`ll be a shame if they all just went in the bin. Remember to put them to some good use! Following up with the affiliates and networks you spent time speaking to and getting to know is just as important as attending the event itself. By following these steps, you would have gauged which network and people you would like to work with that is well suited for your own business. Follow up with them and create new opportunities for yourself!

TAADAA! 6 tips to help you network like a pro and get the best bang for your buck attending an affiliate conference. You don’t have any excuse now!  Affiliate marketing events are a big thing and when I say big, I actually mean HUGE. There are so many conferences throughout the world from Europe to Asia. Book your tickets and pack your bags and who knows, you might even see us there 😉 In the meantime, if you missed our previous article and why Affiliate Conferences are important, give it a read!

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