In our last article, we touched on how affiliate networks can help both affiliates and advertisers reach out.

Not only do networks simplify the entire affiliate marketing process for both sides, it also benefits them in terms of cost effectiveness, time and effort expended.

Curious about the popular affiliate networks you can hop on to? Here are 5 recommendations we’ve compiled for you!

1. Rakuten

Ranking among the top 3 e-commerce companies worldwide, Rakuten is a force to be reckoned with. It offers more than 90,000 products from 38,500 shop owners and over 18 million customers.

Voted the best affiliate marketing network for 6 years in a row, it crossed the 100 million order mark shortly back in 2016. They also have an impressive list of international clients, including Starbucks, Macy’s and Wal-Mart.

2. Amazon Associates

An affiliate network giant, Amazon Associates gives you access to tap into a ready pool of products – up to millions of them, in fact.

Almost 700,000 websites use Amazon Associates, with the majority hailing geographically from the United States and Germany. They also have a staggering 900,000 members worldwide on their list.

3. CJ Affiliate by Conversant

Formerly known as Commission Junction, CJ Affiliate is an online advertising company owned by Alliance Data. Through their massive affiliate marketing network, CJ Affiliate reaches millions of consumers who shop online.

4. Clickbank

Having amassed 17 years of staying in the game, Clickbank proves that it’s more than just a seasoned player. They specialize in digital products created by entrepreneurs worldwide, offering a huge range of products, from games to languages and politics.

A proud member of the top 100 online retailers worldwide, the company also boasts more than 6 million unique products that reach 200 million consumers across the globe. Their customers hail from 190 countries all over the world.

5. Direct Affiliate

Despite being a newcomer in the industry, Direct Affiliate proves that it can hold its own against other more experienced networks. With a wide range of Nutra products and over 27 markets including Europe, United States and Asia, unique payment methods like Bitcoin payouts, a transparent bonus system and high payouts, it gives affiliates attractive reasons to sign up.

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