If you haven’t been using email marketing in your affiliate strategy, you may need to start re-evaluating your choices.

With an estimated 2.9 billion email users worldwide by 2019, and almost 105 billion emails sent daily, you can imagine how big an opportunity you’re missing without using this marketing channel.

Whether you’re a newbie, or seasoned user of email marketing, check out this helpful guide on how to up your game.

1. Don’t Oversell

This is a primary mistake some affiliates make. Nobody, including yourself, wants to get hard-sell content in every email. Include interesting quality content within your email offers.

This way, it tells your subscribers that you care about their interests more than spamming them with products to sell. Instead of being wary, they are likely to develop greater trust and willingness to open and read. As a result, you get higher email engagement rates, and less emails get sent to your subscribers’ spam folders. Over time, you benefit from higher sales and profits.

2. Find and Match Your Products Precisely

Send the right product to the right audience. With the wide range of products, you need to be selective and find products that will resonate with the needs of your target audience. A vegetarian will not find it amusing to receive an email promoting beef jerky.

Understand the demographics of your subscriber list, and discover their pain points to offer a useful product that solves their problems.

3. Use Multiple Email Lists for Niches

Instead of just sticking to one email list for your current contacts, expand and focus your reach with different customer niches. Send only relevant emails to the different niches. The sky’s the limit!

4. Offer Attractive Lead Magnets

People love useful free gifts, and they will be tempted to sign up if you offer them something attractive for free. This is a useful tips for beginners who want to build their list quickly. Examples could be vouchers, coupons, discounts or free downloads like reports and software demos.

5. Focus On Value, Not Size

Having a huge email list is encouraging, but if it’s not one that adds value to your business, it defeats the purpose and might even distract you from those who really matter.

You need subscribers who will convert into customers. Use email marketing tools to find out who isn’t adding value and reconfirm their subscriptions to ensure they want to stay with you. At the same time, you’ll get rid of uninterested and inactive subscribers.

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