As affiliates, you have the potential to direct massive volumes of traffic to an advertiser’s site. After all, in most affiliate programs, less than 10% of affiliates account for 90% of all traffic and sales created.

However, before you join any affiliate program, you need to do your research to find out which offers you the biggest chance of success.

Here are 5 things you should find in any affiliate programme to do that.

1. How Much It Costs to Join

For affiliates, it’s usually free of charge to take part in any affiliate programme. That’s because most affiliate programme centre around different types of revenue sharing.

Therefore, whether the programme is successful or not largely depends on the affiliates. Programmes that tend to charge usually will not expect a high participation nor success rate, or are for beginners without any affiliate marketing experience.

2. Whether the Advertiser Is Reputable

Affiliates are usually able to choose which advertiser they want to work with according to the products. Naturally, they will prefer to work with reputable and trustworthy businesses. Having a greater degree of transparency helps the affiliate know more about the advertiser and the products. This translates to a greater chance of success.

3. How Referrals Are Tracked

As an affiliate, you want to be confident of how an affiliate programme tracks referrals. Affiliates receive money based on the customers they referred to an advertiser’s site. Hence, it is important to know how these referrals are tracked and the duration that they stay in the system.

The latter is a crucial component because not all users buy during the first visit to a site. Instead, they may return in the future to make purchases. Even so, affiliates should get credit for the sale since they referred them in the first place.

4. What the Commission Rate Is

What is the average commission paid to affiliates in an affiliate program? Do your due diligence and compare whether the program you’re eyeing on is paying out the market rate so you don’t lose out.

5. How Commission Is Paid out

Every program has different rules. Usually, affiliate programs and even networks issue payment through cheque, PayPal, or credit transfers. A rarer payment form is Bitcoin. Choose the program that best suits you. Note that some programs have a minimum amount earned in order to be issued a cheque mode of payment.

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