Measuring your marketing effectiveness is key to the success of any marketing strategy. That’s why we’ve come up with this guide to the different tools that can help you with it.

Without further ado, let’s get down on the details.

1. Google Analytics

Being free of charge does not necessarily equate to poor quality, as Google Analytics proves.

This is possibly the most frequently used tool, whether by experts or beginners. You can use its free features that gives you the functions and benefits that you need. There are some key features, like discovering the keywords that visitors search on the Google search engine to find your site.

This steadily but successfully boosts your search engine optimisation strategy if you do use it, increasing traffic to your site. It also offers a real-time reporting feature and has many comparison tools.

Need we say more?

2. Marketo

Marketo is a popular marketing automation platform used to measure ROI. It even has personalised solutions for the different industries like financial services, technology and media. Their products include Lead Management, Sales Insight, Social Marketing and Revenue Cycle Analytics.

One reason for its popularity is how the tool breaks down complicated key data into simple forms so that people like you and I can understand them easily. Not only can you discern which marketing campaigns have the greatest impact of revenue, you can also set up either daily, weekly or monthly reports.

3. Kissmetrics Funnel Reporting

Funnel reports help marketers see where they are getting and losing customers. From as low as $30, you can enjoy the useful features of this service. Touted as the company’s most well-liked report, it helps users:

  • Segment traffic to track conversions
  • Analyse how each channel performs
  • Show where the most traffic comes from, and the sources of customers

Its flexible design also gives users a better, user-centred experience. They also make improvements to this service from time to time.

4. Piwik

Love yourself a free analytics tool? You can consider Piwik as an alternative to the much-loved Google Analytics. This tool helps you track your website visits and lets you generate customised reports that can also divide data according to traffic source, geography, and even how engaged users are with your site.

Despite being free of charge, it’s packed full of sweet features like page overlay analytics and a “Goals” section that allows you to track the success of your marketing campaigns.

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