What better day to start afresh than New Years Day right? The beginning of the new year is always a good time to think about ways to improve. As affiliate
marketing continues to grow in popularity each year, affiliate marketers have to do more to stay competitive and keep the content relevant and profitable.
As we move into 2019, we have put together 4 New Years resolutions for the
affiliate marketer to make you even more successful in the year to come.

These resolutions can apply to both affiliate who are just starting out or as a good reminder for those who have been in the industry for awhile now.

So lets get into it!

1. Revisit and update your business strategy

As mentioned in our previous article, review which
campaign worked the best for you by reviewing your earnings data for the year. Analyse which type of products or offers brought you the most commissions. Study the topics or type of content that performed the best by driving the most sales and traffic. With this analyse, you can update your business strategy for the coming year.

A good point to branch into at the same time is to focus on New Years resolution products and services. During the new year time frame, people are extremely focused on topics such as losing weight, getting in shape and many more. Hence offers in the health and slimming vertical would be the best choice to the promoting during this period of time.

2. Research and consider new affiliate partnerships

This is also a good time for you to consider branching into new partnerships with new affiliate networks. If you have invested your time and money into attending affiliate conferences in Europe or Asia, chances are, you would have met up with a number of new affiliate networks and discussed about their offers. Some of which might be in your niche and GEO so it would be good to add on new offers from new affiliate networks to increase your traffic and commissions in the coming year by promoting new offers that works for you and your website.

For instance with Direct Affiliate, our offers are exclusive to only our affiliates.
With that being said, you won’t be finding our products on any other affiliate
networks. Hence working with a new network that has an exclusive range of
offers might give you a benefit above the rest.

3. Focus on building and making full use of your email/subscriber list

Email is not dead! There is no point of having a long email list if you don’t make
the most of it! But first, make sure your email list is as accurate and up to date as it can be. Take some time to remove dead emails and subscribers who have not opened your email in years. Secondly, use online email platforms to easily send out content to your audience. Your goal is to earn a commission through sales so incorporate your strategies in your email marketing as well by sending out regular campaigns with offers and links to your blog. Don’t forget to include a call to action. This makes your message clear and makes it a little easier for your audience interested in your content.

The larger the email list the more people will consistently see your content and click through your links embedded in them. Hence 2019 should be the year to build up your email list if it hasn’t been a top priority as of yet.

4. Branch into new content type

I’m sure by now you should already know that content is everything! Websites
tend to rank better when posting frequent and original content, so don’t be afraid to post several times a day. However, in the new year, why not bring some freshness to your content by branching into something new? If you do mostly reviews by blog posts, how about branching into short review videos? There’s no harm in getting Creative with your content ideas. At the same time, you can see if your audience responds well to the change. It will be a bonus if they do because you would have gained more engagement and new followers because of your experiment.

While you are working on this, don’t forget to up your social media game! Social networking is the most powerful tool there is online to market and get your content out there. Build up your connections by liking, sharing and adding new friends on your social media accounts. Spending time building your connections is always time well spent and will pay in dividends in the future. You will have a bigger pool of audience to expose your posts to when you share your blog posts to your social media accounts too.

Affiliate marketing is not just all about data. A heavy part of it is about people.
There is a lot of hard work and consistency involved and creating content is only one small part of the job. Do something every day to increase your exposure to your market. Use the beginning of the new year to do some of the other tasks mentioned above cohesively that will help your affiliate marketing campaigns be more successful in 2019!

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