How often do you catch yourself scrolling through Facebook, posting a pizza shot on Instagram, or sharing an update on LinkedIn?

Most of us, if not all, spend a lot of time daily on these social media platforms. You could say that they’ve become integral with our daily lives – that’s how much we’ve been impacted by the rise of these giants.

Many companies use social media to effectively market their products and services to clients, and likewise, so should affiliate marketers.

Check out this list of social media marketing tools to give your sales an upgrade!

1. Canva Has Your Visuals Covered

Now, not all of us marketers are skilled designers, and we can’t always throw money to get one for every post. After all, we want to keep costs down, not up.

At the same time, we all know the importance of visuals in any social media marketing strategy. That makes it a must-have.

Luckily, creating stunning images without breaking a sweat is made possible with Canva, your new best friend. Built specially for non-designers, this user-friendly platform simplifies the entire process for you.

Use the free templates, fonts, icons and colours to whip up an amazing piece of art. Here’s a secret: even Buzzfeed uses Canva to create their post images.

2. Buffer is Here to Boost Your Campaigns

Possibly every marketer’s favourite tool, Buffer’s immense popularity is not for show. It’s an incredibly useful campaign management tool that helps you schedule any post, anywhere, any time. It also supports multiple social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

You can also track and evaluate your posts’ performance. Simply retrieve all main engagement statistics on every post you publish across the different social media platforms.

It even has a Chrome extension to share on the social media platforms all at once. Add in smashing social media guides and useful case studies, is the perfect place for any beginner to start, and any expert to use.

Save time, save money, but not success on this one.

Go Big on the Content with BuzzSumo

How does fresh, tantalising and appealing content delivered to you sound? With BuzzSumo, just punch in any topic or keywords of your choice to get a list of the most well-liked and trending posts.

This is an effective tool to help those experiencing writer’s block, or those who want to explore new ideas. Because content is so important, it’s also a fantastic way to beef up your content marketing skills to sell your products better.

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