With 42 years of history and better overall performance than social media, email marketing truly proves that old is gold.

Skilled marketers who understand its importance will always remember to include it in their marketing strategies. As an affiliate marketer, there’s much to benefit from this marketing channel as well.

Doing it right takes time and experience, but luckily, marketers can use some highly useful tools to make the process seamless and improve the chances of success. Read this informative guide on 3 such email marketing tools to kickstart your journey!

1. Mail Chimp

Contrary to its name, there’s no monkey business with Mail Chimp. This tool offers both paid and free versions, where the latter has some neat features as well. It also offers a seamless and simple user experience with its clean interface and customisable options.

Use the Subject Line Researcher to discover which subject line works better and which doesn’t. This helps to increase your email open rates and improve your copywriting in the future.

With an impressive user base of 7 million, it’s testament to its experience and popularity.

2. Litmus

Litmus is a useful tool to test and track your emails. You have the choice of testing your emails on trending mobile devices like Apple or on conventional web clients.

You can also send yourself an ESP tracking report of any test email in just a few minutes. Get subscriber data like how the email was opened, when it was opened, whether it was forwarded, and even the amount of time used to read it.

If you have the budget for it, opt for the paid version with some sweet treats like Builder, the only code editor made for email. If you don’t, they also have free email tools you’ll never do without again.

3. Cake Mail

Cake Mail allows you to conduct split A/B testing to find the best mailing list or use Google Analytics to get informative reports on your performance KPIs to help segment your subscribers into lists.

Sending emails from the platform is easy and fuss-free. You can choose from the free default templates and customise your options.

For HTML experts who prefer to DIY, you’ll enjoy the advanced editing selection. What’s more, they also offer a free 30-day trial perfect for you to test it out. Email away!

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