Loyalty affiliates offer users incentives to shop with advertisers continually to get benefits. These benefits can take the form of cashbacks, miles, or points.

Offering an incentive for customers’ commitment makes sure that there is consistent business for the advertiser. It creates a triple win-win-win business for the customer, affiliate and advertiser.

If you’re a loyalty affiliate looking to beef up your programme, here are 3 loyalty programme tips to use!

1. Offer Sensual Experiences

What would you choose: being rewarded with a mug with the company’s logo or a personalised mug instead?

Pretty sure you would choose the latter.

Discounts are a dime a dozen in loyalty programmes, but don’t stop there. Be flexible. Differentiate your programme from the rest with experiential rewards. Such rewards go beyond deals to boost the entire customer experience.

Create memorable connections with rewards like movie tickets, staycation vouchers, tickets to the latest concerts, theatres, shows, sports events, etcetera. Research shows that the typical consumer prefers and is more likely to and share such rewards online.

Experiential awards have also been regarded as the future of loyalty marketing, with justification here.

2. Reward Your Customers

We’re not talking about the rewards from direct purchases. Rather, understand that customer actions like posting product reviews have an economic value as well that you should reward them for.

Even posting #ootds, #fotds or other shots using the product or service can promote your advertiser’s offerings. In fact, online reviews give real and valuable feedback on products and acts as word-of-mouth marketing.

Determine the economic value of an action and give out the appropriate rewards for it! It could be a gift card or featuring them on campaigns like “Review of the Month”

3. Merge with Mobile

Mobile has taken over. Today, almost nobody keeps his/her reward card in the pocket or wallet. Offer your customers an on-the-go experience that is hassle-free and organised.

Using an all-in-one convenient mobile app with rewards, offers and payments in a single platform gives a smooth experience to your customer.

You can even create your loyalty programme app to personalise each individual customer’s experience, like changing the look of the app. These added steps are more likely to gain popularity quickly.

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