Ever wondered why should you be an affiliate marketer?

All marketers experiment with different methods to derive what works best for them, and you should too. Of course, your basis on joining the affiliate industry shouldn’t depend on groundless talk and claims of how great and lucrative this marketing channel is.

Here are some eye-popping statistics and facts to spur your motivation on!

1. 16% of all online orders are created through affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing now drives the same amount of online orders as email marketing. Yes, that email marketing with massive marketing success.

Comparatively, paid search accounts for 20% of online orders and organic search accounts for 21% of them. The most attractive part? You can integrate all these marketing channels with your affiliate marketing to get the best of the best.

2. Revenue from affiliate marketing increases 16% YoY

CJ Affiliate revealed that revenue from affiliate marketing within global publishers and advertisers increased by 16% year-on-year (YoY) in November and December 2016. An average 4% increase in the total order number was reported.

The US market experienced revenue growth of 16% mostly because of the strong growth in its overall value. The greatest year-on-year growth in orders at a 12% growth, on the other hand, was seen by the UK market.

In the UK, Black Friday and Cyber Monday saw increased levels of shopping demand to rival the US. In fact, growth in orders grew by 76% on Cyber Monday. Thanks to the UK retailers who prepared for the festive season earlier than other markets, it also accounted for also a stronger beginning to sales.

3. The affiliate marketing industry is predicted to catapult to $6.8 billion by 2020

A study by the Rakuten Affiliate Network estimated that US affiliate marketing spend itself will experience a compound annual growth rate of 10.1 percent all the way until 2020. It will make up an estimated $6.8 billion industry.

The platforms that affiliate networks offer for advertisers and publishers often serve as the driver of sales growth, giving measurement and quality confidence for both sides.

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