Push notifications have been very popular among performance marketers in the last couple of years because of how effective they are. However with Chome’s 80 recent update, it has made all the advertising community worry. The updates concern not only cookies and tracking processes, but also complicate the subscription of new users via push notifications. This forces the emergence of new ads formats to mitigate the restrictions and in-page notifications are the brightest format for now. Not only does it get around the new limitations, but it also opens huge opportunities for advertising compared to previous formats. 


In-page push traffic is a new ad format that emerged at the beginning of 2020. Visually, in-page push notifications looks the same as classic push notifications. Technically, they are a combination of pop-ups and push notifications, which lets you get over restrictions and brings more quality traffic. They are actually banner ads displayed directly on a publisher’s website and working on the CPC model.


  1. No subscription 

Users are not required to subscribe to receive in-page push ads is probably one of the biggest advantages for advertisers and publishers alike. An in-page push message is shown directly on the publisher’s website and looks a little like a traditional push notification. In page push ads are automatically displayed on the  website. 

  1. Broad yet personal 

These ads are displayed to a much broader audience than normal push notifications. They use the same design to catch users’ attention by featuring ads in a non-intrusive yet well-known and trusted form. Therefore, advertisers are still able to promote their offers using push-like ads, publishers get to keep having their sites monetized and users will be able to receive relevant ads in a user-friendly format. 

  1. More users 

The greatest advantage of In-page push is the ability to target devices with IOS and desktop users of Mac Safari. Previously, due to Apple restrictions, it was impossible so that share of traffic was vastly underexploited. This allows you to expand your reach to a wider audience. 

  1. Immediate and convenient 

In-page push ads are immediate. There are no delays between the time when the ads are displayed and the time of click which in turn produces higher CTR and conversion rates. In-page push ads are shown to users when they actively engage with the website but thanks to this new format, they will not be disturbed whilst browsing. 

  1. CPC cost model

Since users are on the page at that moment, there’s a 100% possibility that they will see it. As a result, the CTR is much higher than for traditional push ads. In-page push ads work on a CPC cost model only. This particular cost model is a convenient way for advertisers to pay for the actual clicks only. You only pay when a user clicks through the ad. 

In conclusion, in-page push advertising offers a new user-friendly and highly engaging way for advertisers or publishers to reach their audiences on any device. Resembling web push notifications, this ad format needs no subscription permission. Ads are displayed directly on the websites- whenever and wherever users visit, IOS included!

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