In 2018 we spoke about a rising trend in different content styles. Guess what, that trend has not changed for 2019. Consumers are increasingly drawn to visual and audio content. However, most affiliates rely on written content for their traffic because it is easy and simple to include affiliate links. Hence to increase your conversion rates and keep up with the ever increasing competition, it is important to keep with the current trend and meet your consumers wants and needs. Let’s talk about why.

As it always has been, content will remain the most integral part of affiliate marketing in 2019. Written word remains to be important but we can see more and more affiliates creating quality content that appeals to customers and sets them apart from other affiliates in the same niche. Over the next few years, the creativity of content will take center stage and affiliates will branch into rich audio and visual content. Examples that will reign over the traditional approach to text content would be slideshows, images and video demonstrations of products and services.

The popularity of video content has continues to rise throughout 2018 and it has not slowed down. Video content offers a unique ability to build relationships with your audience and establish trust more quickly than written articles. We can see an increase in affiliates creating more creative content such as infographics, video demonstrations and online courses as ways of educating audiences.

More than just optimising with keywords or satisfying the ad requirements of social media channels, content creation is also about shareablity. If your customers find your content relevant enough or more eye-catching, they will be more willing to share it with their own followers, allowing you to reach a segment of the buying market you would not have been able to reach on your own.

In conclusion, incorporating audio and visual content into your marketing strategy will help you appeal to more consumers and drive qualified traffic to merchants. Audio and visual content offers huge affiliate opportunities and will be one of the biggest trends in 2019. So get on board and start reaping the benefits!

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