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Affiliate World Asia 2018 - Where you should go

 The 2018 Affiliate World Asia Conference will take place on the 5th – 7th December at the Centara ...read more

Affiliate World Asia 2018 – Why you should be ...

We are proud to announce that Direct Affiliate will be attending Affiliate World Asia 2018 from the ...read more

Which Vertical Is Right For You?

So you have a website and an audience. You`ve heard all about Affiliate Marketing to make money through ...read more

Direct Affiliate’s Top CATs: October 2018

For the month of October, here are the Direct Affiliate`s top 3 converting product categories! [caption ...read more

Direct Affiliate’s Top GEOs: October 2018

Our affiliate marketing arm, Direct Affiliate. is back once again to announce their top 3 earning geographies ...read more

Why You Should Start Promoting Nutra Offers

Nutra offers have been killing it lately! There are several affiliates who are making large commissions ...read more

Marketing Tips For Affiliates

Everyone wants to be successful in affiliate marketing. It is one of the most popular ways to monetize ...read more

Going Native

Did you know that the amount of money spent on native ads has been heavily growing? If you are in affiliate ...read more

Direct Affiliate’s Top CATs: September 2018

For the month of September, here are the Direct Affiliate`s top 3 converting product categories! [caption ...read more

Direct Affiliate’s Top GEOs: September 2018

Our affiliate marketing arm, Direct Affiliate. is back once again to announce their top 3 earning geographies ...read more

Affiliate World China Tour 2018 Experience

Affiliate World Conferences organizes two of the largest, most well-known affiliate conferences every ...read more

Choosing The Right Affiliate Network

In our previous article, we spoke about CPA vs CPL. In this article, we will talk about BENEFIT and ...read more

Direct Affiliate’s Top CATs: August 2018

For the month of August, here are the Direct Affiliate`s top 3 converting product categories! [caption ...read more

Direct Affiliate’s Top GEOs: August 2018

Our affiliate marketing arm, Direct Affiliate. is back once again to announce their top 3 earning geographies ...read more


If you`re like most advertisers, you will probably stick to the one standard model of performance marketing ...read more

Direct Affiliate’s Top CATs: July 2018

Here are Direct Affiliate’s top 3 converting product categories for July 2018. [caption id="attachment_475" ...read more

Direct Affiliate’s Top GEOs: July 2018

Our affiliate marketing arm, Direct Affiliate, is glad to announce their top 3 earning geographies for ...read more

Why Affiliate Marketing is the current trend.

Why is Affiliate Marketing the current marketing trend for advertisers? The digital world has been ...read more

AWE 2018

#AWE2018 was amazing! Our next chapter will be at AWA Bangkok in December. We can`t wait to see you ...read more

AWeurope: What To Do

With so much to see and do in Barcelona, it can be hard to know where to start. Whether you’re a history ...read more

AWeurope: What To Prepare

All psyched to attend one of the biggest super-affiliate conferences of the year? We've prepared a leaflet ...read more

Weighing The Scales: Digital VS Traditional

The debate continues: digital and traditional marketing, which is superior? Over the years, traditional ...read more

Success Story - Trip Advisor

There`s a lot of skepticism in the affiliate marketing community about how many people are actually successful ...read more

The Buzzing Benefits of Influencer Marketing

From toddlers to mothers, teenagers and soccer players, influencers come in literally all shapes and ...read more

Influential Value: How Key-Opinion Leaders (KOLs)

Remember that popular girl on Instagram with over 100,000 followers? Notice how she posed prettily in ...read more

DIY or Engage a Marketing and Advertising Agency?

Is getting others to market for you an extra cost? If you’re an entrepreneur trying to sell your products ...read more

4 Terrific Tools to Measure Your Marketing Effectiveness

Measuring your marketing effectiveness is key to the success of any marketing strategy. That’s why ...read more

3 Moves to Measure Your Marketing Campaigns Success

So, you’ve got a great marketing campaign going that’s going to bring in the profits. Or is it? You ...read more

3 Leading Ways to Get More Sales Leads for Your ...

Dear affiliates, you already know that getting more sales translates to more pay outs for you. Now, how ...read more

3 Affiliate Marketing Statistics to Blow Your Mind

Ever wondered why should you be an affiliate marketer? All marketers experiment with different methods ...read more

5 Things Affiliates Should Look out for in an Affiliate ...

As affiliates, you have the potential to direct massive volumes of traffic to an advertiser’s site. ...read more

How to Increase Marketing and Advertising ROI Online ...

Ah, the million-dollar question. How can I boost my advertising ROI online? It’s not rocket science, ...read more

5 Top Trending Affiliate Networks

In our last article, we touched on how affiliate networks can help both affiliates and advertisers reach ...read more

12 Affiliate Marketing Terms You Must Know

Time to get down on your terms. Affiliate marketing involves many abbreviations and acronyms that ...read more

3 Ways to Launch a Successful Social Media Festive ...

Festive season is a great opportunity to launch a social media campaign, especially with Valentine’s ...read more

Write Right with These Product Review Tips

Product reviews have a strong influence on consumer purchasing decisions. In fact, 88% of consumers believe ...read more

3 Loyalty Program Tips to Trust

Loyalty affiliates offer users incentives to shop with advertisers continually to get benefits. These ...read more

3 Ways PPC Marketing Adds Value to Your Affiliate ...

Possibly one of the preferred marketing and advertising investment method, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising ...read more

3 Send-Sational Email Marketing Tools

With 42 years of history and better overall performance than social media, email marketing truly proves ...read more

5 Tips to Power up Your Email Marketing

If you haven’t been using email marketing in your affiliate strategy, you may need to start re-evaluating ...read more

Are Marketing Events and Conferences Worth Your ...

In this digital era, many of us prefer to hide behind our computers and communicate digitally. However, ...read more

How Social Media Can Be Your Best Friend

More than 2 billion people are active monthly on Facebook, the world’s biggest social media platform ...read more

3 Social Media Marketing Tools to Top Your Sales

How often do you catch yourself scrolling through Facebook, posting a pizza shot on Instagram, or sharing ...read more

How Advertisers Can Use Affiliate Networks to Net ...

In our previous article, we touched on how affiliate networks can benefit affiliates. In this preceding ...read more

5 Ways an Affiliate Network Makes an Affiliate’s ...

In the world of affiliate marketing, there are many ways for you to increase your chances of success, ...read more

5 Types of Effective Affiliate Marketing Strategies

With its growing prominence, affiliate marketing is one attractive model marketers are looking at. If ...read more

The Lowdown on Affiliate Marketing

Based on our previous article on performance marketing, you should have an idea of what it is. Now, affiliate ...read more

3 Reasons Why Performance Marketing is Here to Stay

You can spend millions of dollars on branding and advertising, but if your efforts aren’t rolling in ...read more

3 Reasons Why Acquisitions Boost Your Business

Ever wondered why some companies acquire another? It’s not because they like to splurge without ...read more

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